A close-up shot of LaurDIY surrounded by a colorful array of stuffed animals, creating a whimsical scene that sparks curiosity about the origins of her beloved collection.

Stuffed animals can be a fun addition to any space. Popular YouTube creator LaurDIY often features cute stuffed animals in her videos. If you’ve ever wondered where LaurDIY gets her stuffed animal collection from, this article will provide some answers.

LaurDIY’s Love of Stuffed Animals

How stuffed animals became part of her brand

LaurDIY, aka Lauren Riihimaki, has been amassing an impressive collection of stuffed animals over the years. Her YouTube videos frequently showcase the plush pals stacked on shelves behind her or sitting in the background as she works on crafts and DIY projects.

So where exactly does the popular YouTuber get all those huggable companions?

In a video tour of her home office, Riihimaki explained that she’s been obsessed with stuffed animals since she was a little girl. “I know it seems crazy to an outsider,” she admitted with a laugh. As she grew up, she never lost her childhood attachment to the soft toys.

So when she began making YouTube videos as a teen, it seemed natural to feature her beloved collection as part of her quirky personal brand.

“I think viewers really respond when you showcase your real self online,” she shared. “The stuffed animals represent a playful, creative side of me that I want fans to connect with.” Over time, an ever-growing sea of plush playmates has come to define LaurDIY’s unique YouTube aesthetic.

The types of stuffed animals featured in her videos

Scroll back through LaurDIY’s many DIY tutorials, room makeovers, and vlogs, and you’ll notice she favors cutesy, colorful critters. Plump rainbow llamas, silly monsters, sparkly unicorns, and rosy-cheeked bears tend to dominate her shelves.

“I’m drawn to stuffed animals that are really playful and fun,” she explained, reaching back to pluck a googly-eyed purple dragon from her shelf. “And I want them to kind of match my energy in videos.”

She also makes an effort to arrange her stuffed animal subjects by color. Groupings of blue, pink, or rainbow beasts help create an eye-catching, coordinated aesthetic. It’s become a signature backdrop that fans adore.

While most of her plush pals seem targeted to a younger audience, Riihimaki doesn’t limit herself. A few more mature-looking wolves, reindeer, elephants make appearances too. “I think it’s good to have some variety,” she pointed out.

One newer member of the LaurDIY stuffed clan? A silly sausage dog she named Frankie. He was a gift from her partner after she professed her childhood love of dachshunds. Now he makes frequent cameos in videos, always sparking smiles from loyal viewers.

Total stuffed animals Estimated 300+
Favorite types Sparkly unicorns, silly rainbow monsters, rosy-cheeked bears
Newest addition Frankie the silly sausage dog

So next time you tune in to enjoy one of LaurDIY’s popular DIY or lifestyle videos, take a moment to appreciate the army of stuffed animals marching across her shelves. It took years to build that impressive plush collection.

And it helps give fans a glimpse into the playful, creative soul of one of YouTube’s biggest stars.

Where to Buy Stuffed Animals Like LaurDIY’s

Large retailers

When it comes to finding cute and creative stuffed animals similar to LaurDIY’s, large retailers like Target, Walmart, and IKEA are great places to check out first. These major chains carry a wide variety of plush toys and stuffed animals in all shapes, sizes and designs.

For example, IKEA offers an amazing array of whimsical stuffed animals and characters perfect for DIY makeovers. Walmart also sells many budget-friendly basics like teddy bears, dogs, cats, and more just begging for some LaurDIY-style customization.

And at Target, you can often find seasonal stuffed animals and larger plush decor items that can be repurposed into fun statement pieces. So check the stuffed animal section at your local big box stores – you never know what inspiration you may find for your next project!

Small shops specializing in plush toys

In addition to the major retailers, small toy shops and specialty plush stores often carry delightfully unique stuffed animals LaurDIY would love. These independent stores pride themselves on offering toys and plush items you won’t find anywhere else.

For example, Squishable offers the most amazingly squishy and lovable stuffed creatures ever like this rainbow narwhal just screaming to become a masterpiece after some LaurDIY-style embellishing. And sites like Gund and Aurora World Inc sell high-quality specialty stuffed animals featuring beloved characters from TV, movies and books ready for DIY makeovers.

So for one-of-a-kind plush toys, be sure to check out small toy boutiques and specialty shops for stuffed animals with lots of potential.

Online stores

Of course, for the widest selection of unique and creative stuffed animals, online stores can’t be beat. Sites like eBay, Etsy and even Amazon offer an incredible variety of plush toys, many by independent artists and designers not found elsewhere.

For example, on Etsy you can find amazing handmade stuffed animals like this too-cute rainbow narwhal or this adorable axolotl just begging for some LaurDIY-style personalization. eBay also auctions off unique vintage and collector plush items in need of some TLC and DIY love.

Wherever you choose to shop online, you’re sure to discover stuffed animals even LaurDIY would envy!

So whether you check big box stores, small specialty shops or online retailers, options abound for finding delightfully unique stuffed animals for your next DIY project. With a little inspiration from LaurDIY, even an ordinary stuffed animal can be transformed into a custom creation that’s truly one of a kind.

Just use your imagination – the possibilities are endless! 😊🧸🎨

DIY Options for Custom Stuffed Animals

Sewing your own stuffed animals

Want to make a custom stuffed animal for someone special? Crafting your own adorable plushie is easy, fun, and budget-friendly with basic sewing skills.

All you need is some soft fabric like fleece or minky, stuffing material, embroidery thread, and basic sewing tools like a sewing machine, needles, scissors, and pins. The possibilities are endless when choosing fabrics, patterns, accessories, and stuffing to design completely customized cuddly stuffed animals! πŸ‘

Check out sites like Fabric.com or local craft stores for wide selections of fabrics to spark inspiration. Fleece and luxe minky fabrics work great and come in tons of colorful prints and solids. Choose fabrics wisely for softness and durability based on who the stuffed animal is for.

Find free sewing patterns online to sew popular animals like bears, cats, dogs, rabbits, elephants, etc. in varying sizes. AllFreeSewing.com offers tons of free stuffed animal sewing patterns for all skill levels, from beginners to advanced.

Adjust sizing as needed to make mini, small, or jumbo plushes!

Places to buy supplies for making stuffed animals

Beyond fabric stores, here are some great places to buy affordable supplies to make magical stuffed animals:

  • eBay: Search for bulk stuffing, pre-cut fabrics, accessories like plastic animal noses/eyes, embroidery floss, etc.
  • Etsy: Many independent sellers offer craft kits with pre-cut fabric and patterns for various stuffed animals. Support small businesses!
  • Amazon: Find excellent deals on fabric, stuffing, sewing tools, kits, patterns, and more with fast shipping.
  • Discount department stores: Check Dollar Tree, Walmart, Target, etc. for cheap fabric options and basic sewing supplies.

Armed with quality materials and some imagination, let your inner child run free to create homemade stuffed buddies bursting with love! Don’t worry about perfection on your first try – the experience gaining sewing skills while crafting unique plush pals is extremely rewarding. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


While LaurDIY likely sources her stuffed animals from a variety of places, this article covered some options for finding similar stuffed animals. With some creativity, you can even make custom plush toys inspired by LaurDIY’s collection.

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