A close-up shot capturing the vibrant colors and details of a collection of Super Why! stuffed animals, arranged neatly on a shelf, evoking a sense of joy and nostalgia.

Stuffed animals based on the popular PBS animated series Super Why have been beloved by children for over a decade. If your little one is a fan of the show starring Alpha Pig, Wonder Red, Princess Presto and Super Why, they’ll flip over having their own Super Why plush toys to cuddle.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Super Why stuffed animals have been produced since 2008 by companies like Just Play and Commonwealth Toy & Novelty. Popular characters include the main super readers along with Woofster and Dictionary. The toys typically range from 8 to 20 inches tall.

Background on Super Why Stuffed Toys

Popularity of Super Why show leads to demand for plush characters

When the educational children’s TV series Super Why! premiered in 2007, it quickly became a hit among preschoolers. Its engaging stories and characters captured young viewers’ attention, while subtly teaching literacy skills.

It’s no surprise then that the show’s main characters – Whyatt Beanstalk (Super Why), Princess Pea, Pig, and Red Riding Hood – were soon in high demand in plush form.

As early as 2009, major toy companies like Just Play were releasing official Super Why stuffed animals and playsets to eager fans. Their cute and colorful designs made them popular toys and Amazon reviews for products like the 14″ Super Why Beanstalk plush note its softness and durability as a huggable companion for kids.

Variety of companies have made official Super Why plushes over the years

While Just Play made the first waves of Super Why plushes, over the years, the license for the toys has changed hands allowing multiple major companies a chance at production. Some of the brands that have released official Super Why stuffed characters include:

  • Just Play (early years)
  • Jazwares (took over around 2013)
  • Basic Fun and Daydream Toys (2016-2018)
  • TOMY Toys (current license holder)

This variety means there have been many renditions of Whyatt, Princess Pea, Pig, Red and other characters with unique looks and designs. TOMY’s current Super Why plushes have a softer, more huggable build compared to some earlier releases.

Brief history and timeline of Super Why stuffed animal releases

2007 Super Why premieres on PBS Kids in the US
2009 Just Play debuts first Super Why plush toys and playsets
2013 Jazwares takes over Super Why toy license
2016 Basic Fun and Daydream Toys manufacture Super Why plushes for couple years
2018 TOMY gains rights to produce new Super Why stuffed characters
2023 TOMY still producing cute Whyatt, Pig, Pea and Red plushies loved by kids

As this timeline shows, Super Why stuffed animals have been around for over 10 years now. With the show still airing on many PBS stations’ lineups, the demand for Huggable versions of these educational characters shows no signs of waning.

TOMY’s cute Super Why plush collection allows young fans to snuggle up with their literacy-teaching pals.

Overview of Key Super Why Plush Characters

Super Why

As the leader of the Super Readers, Super Why is the star of the show. This adorable plush brings the red-caped reading hero to life with his signature look, from the S on his chest to the purple sneakers on his feet. Snuggle up at storytime with this 10-inch stuffed doll that fans ages 2+ will love.

Wonder Red

With her fiery passion for adventure, Wonder Red is always ready to jump into the story to solve a problem. This spirited plush channels the Super Reader’s trademark determination and bravery. Give the 8-inch Wonder Red doll a big hug beforehopping into your own tale of mystery and imagination.

Alpha Pig

When it comes to the ABCs, Alpha Pig is one smart cookie! He may love to spell, but he also makes time for fun adventures with his Super Reader friends. This 8-inch plush piggy sporting Alpha Pig’s signatureProps Button on his belt is soft, snuggly, and always up for learning new words.

Princess Presto

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo! With her magical wand and glass slippers, Princess Presto can transform words into wondrous things. This spell-binding plush brings the princess’ charm and imagination to any game of make-believe.

Let the 8-inch Princess Presto doll wave her wand over your storytime for a little extra reading magic!


Yippee woo woo! As a traditional pup, Woofster loves everything about books, especially finding new words. This adorable plush pup with his spotted bowtie is always excited to dig into the dictionary. Snuggle up for storytime or vocabulary lessons with the 7-inch Woofster to have a vocabulary-loving pal by your side.


No Super Why plush collection would be complete without the Dictionary! This 8-inch plush replica opens up just like the real thing to reveal the letters A-Z for finding new amazing words. Look up fun terms with your Super Readers friends or use it as storytime prop!

The cuddly dictionary plush lets kids see vocabulary leap off the page.

With the full cast of Super Why character plushes, kids can act out their own super stories or snuggle up with their favorite reading-time pals. Which magical, vocabulary-loving reader will you take on your next adventure?

Where to Buy Official Super Why Stuffed Animals

Amazon and other major online retailers

One of the most convenient places to find authentic Super Why plush toys is Amazon. As of December 2023, you can browse and purchase a variety of official Super Why stuffed animals directly from Amazon, often with free shipping for Prime members.

Popular options include 10-inch basic Super Why dolls, talking Super Why figures, and soft pillow buddies. Amazon frequently has special deals and lightning sales on Super Why toys as well, so be sure to check back often.

In addition to Amazon, many other major online stores carry official Super Why merchandise. Walmart, Target, eBay and even Etsy offer a wide selection of new and used Super Why items available for purchase online.

As with Amazon, deals and discounts can pop up at any time so compare prices across sites.

Brick-and-mortar toy stores may carry select Super Why plushies

Although buying Super Why toys online is very convenient, visiting local toy stores can also be rewarding. Major chains like Toys R Us and KB Toys typically have some Super Why stuffed animals in stock. Call ahead to ask what selection they currently have available.

Smaller, independent toy shops may also carry unique Super Why items you won’t find at the big retailers. The thrill of discovering an rare Super Why find at a local store makes brick-and-mortar shopping still worthwhile.

eBay can be a good source for retired/hard-to-find Super Why stuffed toys

Once a Super Why toy gets discontinued or sells out, finding replacement stock can be tricky. Fortunately eBay provides access to an active secondary market for previously owned and retired Super Why items.

eBay sellers with high ratings offer retired Super Why stuffed animals, rare exclusives, accessories, playsets and more. Just be sure to carefully inspect photos and descriptions before purchasing, as authenticity and condition can vary.

Site Price Range* Availability Reliability
Amazon $10 – $50 High High
Walmart $15 – $35 Medium High
eBay $5 – $500+ Medium-High Variable
* Approximate price range for new, in-box Super Why basic plush dolls as of December 2023

With many reputable sites to choose from, finding fun Super Why stuffed animals to buy is easier than ever! Just decide if you prefer shopping online or getting out to local toy stores, browse the major retailers as well as resale sites, and keep an eye out for hot deals.

Your little Super Reader will be overjoyed with their new Super Why pal.

Tips for Collecting Super Why Plush Toys

Focus on your favorite characters or get the full set

When starting your Super Why plush collection, decide if you want to collect plush toys of all the main characters from the show or just focus on your 1-3 favorites. Getting the full set with Whyatt, Princess Pea, Pig, Red, and Woofster allows you to re-create the whole Super Reader team.

But you may want to only collect Princess Pea or Pig if they’re your favorite characters.

Condition and tags impact collectible value

Focus on finding Super Why plush toys in great, like-new condition when building your collection. Toys without stains, damage, or missing accessories will be more valuable. Save the original tags too – the tags confirm authenticity.

Join fan groups online to connect with other collectors

Join Super Why fan groups on platforms like Reddit and Facebook to connect with fellow plush collectors. You can trade tips, ask questions, or even buy/sell/trade to grow your collection.

Limited editions tend to become more valuable over time

Keep an eye out for special or limited-edition Super Why plush releases. These exclusive plush toys often increase in value over time as they become rarer, especially if still in great condition with tags. Limited editions also make exciting additions for serious collectors!

Super Why Character Average Resale Price
Princess Pea $15
Pig $12
Woofster $10

Based on recent eBay sold listings, the most valuable Super Why plush character is Princess Pea, averaging $15 resale, while Woofster plush toys average $10. Pig plushes sell for around $12. Limited edition or special edition plush can potentially sell for much more.

So focus on your favorite Super Readers, keep an eye out for rare finds, and join collector groups online. With some savvy collecting tips, you’ll be on your way to amassing an amazing Super Why stuffed animal collection!


With their bright colors, cute designs and soft huggable bodies, Super Why stuffed characters make perfect toys for fans of the popular literacy-focused PBS show. Children love having plush versions of Super Why, Wonder Red, Alpha Pig, Princess Presto and more to play with and take on adventures.

This guide has covered the key background, characters, where to shop for and tips on collecting Super Why plush toys so your child can fully enjoy these cuddly companions.

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