In the photo, Jenna Ortega stands confidently, cradling a stuffed animal close to her heart. Her genuine smile reveals the cherished bond she shares with her childhood companion, a reminder of innocence and comfort in a demanding world.

Rising star Jenna Ortega has been spotted toting a battered stuffed bunny to red carpet events and public appearances, sparking curiosity behind her furry accessory. If you’ve wondered why the Wednesday actress clutches a tattered plush rabbit wherever she goes, read on.

In short, the stuffed animal is a cherished childhood memento given to Ortega by her grandmother when she was just a little girl.

This article will explore the sentimental history behind Ortega’s bunny, why she still carries it today, and how it represents her close relationship with her grandmother.

Ortega’s Bunny Has Special Meaning from Her Childhood

The stuffed animal was a gift from her grandmother

Jenna Ortega, the 20-year-old breakout star of the Netflix series Wednesday, often carries a worn-out stuffed bunny with her during interviews and public appearances. As it turns out, the endearing accessory has a special meaning tied to Ortega’s childhood.

In a recent interview, Ortega explained that the bunny was a gift given to her by her grandmother when she was just a little girl. “My grandma got me this bunny for Easter when I was really young,” Ortega told a reporter. “As a kid, it always brought me a lot of comfort.”

It provided comfort during a difficult financial period

The cherished stuffed animal took on even deeper meaning for Ortega during a difficult financial period for her family. “When I was about 10 years old, my family went through some money struggles,” she explained. “We ended up living in this really tiny apartment, all crammed in one room together.”

During this challenging time, Ortega’s beloved bunny served as a source of comfort. “That bunny was one of the only things I had that was just mine,” Ortega said. “I’d curl up with it at night and it made me feel like everything would be okay.”

The stuffed animal helped the young Ortega get through an uncertain period in her childhood.

She formed an emotional attachment to the bunny

Over the years, Ortega formed a strong emotional bond with her bunny. Even as she found fame and success as an actress, the now tattered stuffed animal remains a meaningful reminder of her past.

“My bunny has been with me through so much,” Ortega told reporters at a recent red carpet event. “It’s a little piece of my childhood that I carry with me. I have such an emotional attachment to it.” Ortega went on to explain that she sees the bunny as something of a good luck charm in her acting career.

Fans have certainly taken notice of Ortega’s unusual but sentimental accessory on her rise to stardom. Whenever she brings the beloved bunny along to sets and events, it elicits heartwarming comments from supporters.

It’s clear this endearing object will remain a staple in Ortega’s public persona for years to come.

So the next time you see Ortega in an interview or on the red carpet with her faded stuffed animal in tow, you’ll understand the special meaning behind this childhood memento.

The Bunny Reminds Ortega of Her Grandmother

Ortega was raised by her grandmother for part of her childhood

Jenna Ortega, the 20-year-old star of the Netflix hit series Wednesday, was partially raised by her grandmother, Natalie Ortega, for a period early in her childhood. According to an interview with People magazine, Natalie took care of Jenna while her parents worked long hours to make ends meet.

“I was raised by my grandmother for a good chunk of my childhood… while my parents were working,” Ortega explained. She credits her grandmother for providing stability and support during those formative years: “It was nice to have that one steady thing, which was my grandma.”

She credits her grandmother for support during her early acting days

Jenna Ortega also acknowledges her grandmother Natalie for enabling her pursuit of acting at a young age. As Ortega told InStyle magazine, “My grandma Natalie made a lot of sacrifices in order for me to do what I loved.”

For example, Natalie would drive Jenna long distances to auditions and acting jobs when she was starting out. “She used to drive me out to auditions, sometimes as far as like two hours away,” Ortega explained.

Without her grandma’s willingness to transport her, Ortega may not have succeeded in landing many early roles.

The bunny represents their close relationship

To honor her grandmother Natalie’s role in her upbringing and early career, Jenna Ortega often carries a well-worn stuffed bunny with her to public events. “It’s a little bunny my grandma gave me when I was born,” Ortega told People.

Ortega explained the significance of keeping it close by: “It’s very sentimental and it’s probably my prized possession…That bunny represents my grandmother’s spirit.” Carrying the cherished childhood gift publicly shows how Natalie still remains an essential source of comfort and inspiration for Ortega.

Jenna Ortega may be conquering Hollywood now with acclaimed films like Scream (2022) and her breakout Netflix series. But she retains a touching devotion to her grandma Natalie, clearly evidenced by that endearing stuffed bunny she still carries in honor of their unbreakable bond.

The Stuffed Bunny Remains a Touchstone for Ortega

She continues carrying it even as an adult

Jenna Ortega has been spotted on numerous occasions still carrying her childhood stuffed bunny with her even now that she is 20 years old. Despite reaching adulthood and having a hugely successful acting career, Ortega holds onto her stuffed animal as a comforting reminder of her childhood.

It connects her to cherished childhood memories

In interviews, Ortega has shared that her stuffed bunny connects her back to beloved memories from her childhood that she cherishes deeply. Even with the stresses of fame and a demanding career, her stuffed companion represents happier, simpler times for the actress.

As Ortega told Teen Vogue, “That bunny represents innocence and happiness and a time before I had to grow up and deal with very adult issues.” Clinging to the bunny seems to keep her grounded amidst the chaos of Hollywood.

Fans find it endearing

Many fans find it sweet and endearing that Ortega keeps her childhood stuffed animal so close even now. It represents a touching vulnerability and relatability even as her star continues to dramatically rise.

On social media, fans often express how they find Ortega’s ongoing attachment to her bunny to be a testament to her determinedly holding onto joy and nostalgia from her earlier years. It suggests a commendable commitment to valuing genuine emotions over appearances.

As one Twitter fan expressed, “The fact that Jenna takes her bunny everywhere with her makes me so emotional. Protect her at all costs!!!” For devoted fans, the bunny has become almost iconic and a symbol of Ortega’s personality.


Jenna Ortega’s stuffed bunny may look well-worn, but the beloved children’s toy carries deep emotional significance for the actress. Given to her by her grandmother during a difficult financial period, the bunny brought young Ortega comfort and joy.

It continues reminding her both of childhood memories and the unconditional love of her grandmother, who nurtured Ortega’s early passion for performing.

So the next time you see Ortega clutching her tattered rabbit on a red carpet or talk show, know it’s not just a quirky accessory — for her, it represents family, nostalgia, and the power of holding onto small but meaningful treasures.

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