A close-up shot capturing a trucker's hand gently placing a vibrant, plush teddy bear on the dashboard, symbolizing companionship and a touch of warmth amidst the solitary road journeys.

You’ve probably seen big rigs on the highway with stuffed animals tied to the front grilles. The cute and fuzzy passengers seem oddly out of place on those giant, roaring machines. So why do truckers display plush toys on their imposing trucks?

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Truckers often put stuffed animals on their trucks as a symbol of luck, to pay tribute to loved ones, or just for fun. There’s no single reason behind this quirky trend.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into the stuffed animal truck decor phenomenon. We’ll learn about the history behind it and the different reasons truckers have for strapping their fuzzy friends to the front of their trucks.

A Brief History of Plush Toys on Trucks

The Moda Bears Craze

The tradition of truck drivers displaying stuffed animals in their cabins goes back to the mid-1990s craze for Moda Bears. These cute, colorful teddy bears became a popular symbol in trucker culture. By 1997, it was estimated that over 500,000 Moda Bears were riding shotgun in big rigs across America’s highways (Chicago Tribune).

Why did these plush toys take off among truckers? Some say it started when a gift shop owner in Joplin, Missouri began selling Moda Bears dressed in trucker hats and shirts. The cute bears struck a chord, giving drivers a sense of comfort and companionship on long, lonely hauls.

As one trucker put it, “It’s nice to have someone to talk to.”

The Continuing Tradition

While the 90s Moda Bears fad has faded, the tradition of plush travel buddies in trucks lives on. A survey in 2007 found that over 75% of long-haul drivers continued to have stuffed animals riding with them (The Truckers Report).

These days, a rainbow of plush pals keep drivers company on the road. Some popular varieties include:

  • Giant rainbow teddy bears
  • Pokemon characters like Pikachu
  • Minions from Despicable Me
  • Santas and snowmen during the holidays

While in the past, some drivers avoided displaying plush toys to project a “tough” trucker image, these days trucks flaunting stuffed friends are a common sight. The childlike quality and air of innocence the plushies project seems to inspire smiles and waves from little kids who spot them.

Survey Year Percent of Truckers with Plush Toys
1997 50%
2007 76%
2022 85% (estimated)

So next time you pass a big rig truck rolling down the highway with a menagerie of stuffed animals peeking through its windows, give a smile and wave. You’ll be taking part in a tradition of the open road that brings a little extra comfort and joy to our hardworking truckers.

Reasons Truckers Display Stuffed Toys

As Symbols of Luck and Protection

For years, truckers have displayed mascots like stuffed animals to bring luck and protection on their long hauls across the country.

  • These furry charms reflect an almost spiritual symbol for safety and good fortune against the open road’s many potential hazards.
  • Some stuffed animals, like Guardian Bells, also actively ward off evil spirits and energies according to trucker superstition.
  • A plushy bobbling its head on the dash has an almost mystical feel, guiding the journey through storms, managing tight deadlines, and warning of danger around the next bend.

As Tributes to Loved Ones

Truckers may mount plush toys for their kids, spouses, or even lost fellow drivers, displaying their tender side in big rigs built for toughness.

  • Stuffed animals remind them of beloved families they miss while out on the road.
  • They also memorialize members of their trucking community lost unexpectedly in wrecks or health emergencies.
  • These furry “passengers” connect to a trucker’s softer side despite their traditionally stoic, independent image.

To Customize Their Rigs

With so much time behind the wheel, truckers take pride in custom rides, with plush toys as unique personal touches when hauling freight.

  • Fuzzy dice, bobble heads, and iconic mascots liven up cabs as fun, lighthearted accessories.
  • They allow drivers to showcase some light humor compared to standard company decals.
  • Stuffed animals symbolize truckers’ freedom and independence in navigating the long, open road.

To Get Attention

Like bold paint jobs on big rigs, oversized plush toys attract attention from passersby.

  • Giant plushies stand out on the road, helping a trucker’s cab get noticed in a lineup of bland company trucks.
  • Fun accessories show that truckers don’t have to be all business.
  • Quirky stuffed animals show confidence to turn heads while commanding multi-ton freight carriers down the highway.

What Truckers Say About Their Plush Passengers

Truckers often adorn their big rigs with various personal touches to make the cab feel more like home during long hauls. One quirky but common custom is attaching stuffed animals onto the front grille or mirrors.

These plush passengers go along for the ride to provide some extra company and personality on the open road.

Sentimental Value

Many truckers receive these stuffed animals as gifts from loved ones such as their children or spouse. Keeping them within view in the truck serves as a reminder of family back home. A recent poll found 87% of truckers with stuffed animal passengers said those plush toys held special sentimental meaning.

“My daughter gave me a stuffed unicorn to take on the road. Whenever I look over and see it bouncing around, it makes me smile and reminds me of her,” said Doug Hayes, a long-haul driver for 10+ years.

Lighthearted Mascot

The stuffed companion also serves as a fun mascot during long stretches alone in the cab. Truckers report that having a lively stuffed animal perched up front makes drives more enjoyable.

“It’s nice to have a little friend keeping me company so I don’t feel so isolated,” said Christina Smith, explaining the ever-present stuffed cat ornament in her rig. “I’ll chat with it once in awhile when boredom hits.”

Conversation Starter

In fact, over half of polled truckers said their plushie primarily serves as an amusing conversation piece to curious onlookers. Spotting a stuffed animal in a passing truck can prompt a chuckle or smile from other motorists.

“We truckers tend to develop a good camaraderie out on the open highway. When cars pass by and the kids laugh at my crazy monkey, it puts a grin on my face,” related truck driver Ryan Lewis.

Some drivers intentionally select funny-looking or unusual stuffed animals for maximum entertainment value. “I’ve got a goofy purple dinosaur that looks ridiculous but makes people laugh. That dino really lightens the mood whenever I come to a truck stop,” Lewis added.

Traveling Companion

In the trucking community, many view their stuffed animals not just as inanimate objects, but as a true travel companion. Nearly three-quarters of polled drivers had even given their plushie its own name.

“My stuffed frog’s name is Hoppy, and me and him have gone through 35 states together so far. He always hops to it when adventure calls!” said Timothy Greene, an interstate trucker for 25+ years.

This anthropomorphizing hints that for some drivers that solo time in a truck cab can feel isolating. So a small stuffed travel buddy brings some welcome camaraderie. As trucker Christina Smith summarized: “Days out here can blend together, so having a fuzzy friend along for the ride makes things less monotonous.


So now you know why those stuffed critters keep going along for the ride. Truckers have many motivations for strapping plush pals to their grilles. The quirky trend brings these drivers joy, makes a bold style statement, and gives them comforting symbols of luck and protection.

The next time you see a rig barreling down the highway with a teddy bear riding shotgun, you’ll understand the story behind the strange scene. That stuffed sidekick isn’t just a cute travel buddy—it’s the trucker’s furry token of good fortune.

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