A captivating photo capturing a colorful array of handcrafted Aurora stuffed animals beautifully displayed on a vendor's table, inviting passersby with their adorable charm and whimsical allure.

Aurora stuffed animals are cute and cuddly plush toys based on characters from Disney movies like Sleeping Beauty and The Little Mermaid. If you’re wondering where you can purchase official Aurora plush dolls and stuffed animals, this comprehensive guide has the answers.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Major retailers like Amazon, Disney Store, shopDisney, Walmart, and Target all sell licensed Aurora stuffed animals both online and in stores.

In this detailed guide, we will cover the top places to buy Aurora plush toys both online and in physical retail stores. We’ve researched all the major retailers of Disney merchandise to find the best selection of cuddly Aurora doll options at various price points.


Wide selection of Aurora plushes

Amazon offers an extensive range of Aurora stuffed animals and plush toys to choose from, including popular characters like Disney’s Sleeping Beauty Aurora. You’ll find plushes of all sizes, from small 5-inch mini plushies perfect for a bag charm or display up to jumbo 2-foot Aurora dolls great for big hugs.

There’s plushies dressed in Aurora’s iconic pink peasant dress as well as creative outfits like tutus, princess gowns, pajamas, and more.

Affordable pricing

Prices for Aurora stuffed toys on Amazon are quite reasonable, starting around $10 for basic plush figures and going up from there depending on size, outfit embellishments, and brand. Sales and daily deals offer even lower pricing.

Compared to buying Aurora dolls at toy stores or Disney shops, Amazon’s prices are usually equivalent if not cheaper. Prime members get additional savings and benefits.

Prime shipping available

All Amazon shoppers enjoy free standard shipping on orders over $25, and Prime members get access to free 2-day shipping on most Aurora plushes along with other Prime perks like movie/TV streaming. This convenient fast shipping makes it easy to quickly get your hands on any Aurora stuffed animal that catches your eye or to gift it fast for a birthday or holiday.

For under $10, you could have an Aurora plushie shipped free to your door in just a couple of days!

Disney Store

Official Disney merchandise

The Disney Store is the perfect place to find officially licensed Aurora plush stuffed animals and other merchandise from Disney’s iconic animated films. As an official Disney retailer, you can trust that all products sold at Disney Store locations and on ShopDisney.com are 100% authentic Disney items.

Disney takes great pride in producing quality stuffed animals that capture the magic of beloved characters like Princess Aurora. Their talented team of Disney artists and craftspeople use soft, huggable fabrics and pay careful attention to details in the face embroidery and other decorative elements.

You’re guaranteed to find well-made Aurora plushes that your family will cherish for years to come.

Special edition plushes

In addition to classic Aurora stuffed animals, Disney Store regularly releases special limited-edition themed plushes as well. For example, around the holidays you may find an Aurora dressed in a festive red gown with a miniature Christmas tree in her arms.

Other exclusive editions could be dressed in sparkling party outfits or seasonal accessories that complement the character’s iconic look.

These specialty Aurora stuffed toys allow you to grow an eclectic, custom collection over time. Frequent visitors to physical Disney Store locations can inquire about upcoming plush debuts, as store staff are usually knowledgeable about release dates.

Calling ahead allows you to plan a trip when new plushes hit the shelves.

Brick-and-mortar locations

While buying Aurora plush animals online is convenient, visiting a Disney Store in person comes with certain advantages. Brick-and-mortar stores allow you to closely inspect stitching, fabric quality, and other construction details before purchasing.

You can poke, squeeze, and cuddle the plushies to your heart’s content! 😊

Physical Disney Store locations also frequently run sales, coupons, and other promotions that provide discounts on plush purchases. For example, you may receive 25% off one stuffed animal during a special weekend promo event. By showing your Disney Visa card, you can save 10% everyday as well.

Subscribing to email updates from your local store is the best way to stay on top of deals.

With hundreds of locations across the Americas alone, there is likely a Disney Store near you. Visit the store locator map to find the most convenient spot to view and purchase delightful Aurora stuffed animals in your community.


Official Disney online store

If you love Disney, then shopDisney is the ultimate store, directly operated by Disney and packed with thousands of Disney-themed items. It represents the number one best source for official princess and movie merchandise, including the largest collection of Sleeping Beauty and Aurora items.

Large selection of Aurora items

shopDisney has a massive collection of Sleeping Beauty and Aurora products, with over 400 Aurora items currently available! You can find everything from t-shirts and mugs to backpacks, journal sets, costumes, plush animals, and so much more.

There are Aurora Barbies, pins, jewelry, toys, stationery sets, home goods, and other licensed products showcasing Aurora’s image or themed with Sleeping Beauty. Their selection spans a wide range of prices so you can find an Aurora gift or collectible to fit any budget.

Free shipping on orders $75+

One great perk of shopping on shopDisney is that they offer free standard shipping on orders $75 or more (before tax) within the contiguous U.S. So you can go big on Aurora stuffed animals or other gifts without worrying about delivery fees.

And if you do spend below the free shipping minimum, flat rate shipping fees apply and still bring merchandise straight from Disney to your door.

Website Availability Description
True Official Disney online store, huge Aurora selection


Everyday low prices

When it comes to affordable prices on popular Aurora stuffed animals, Walmart can’t be beat. The retail giant is committed to providing customers with everyday low prices across its huge selection of merchandise, including loads of cute and cuddly plush toys and blankets.

In fact, a recent price comparison of popular 12-inch Aurora fairy dolls found Walmart’s everyday pricing averaged 15-20% less expensive than major competitors. And that’s before tapping into online coupons, Rollbacks sales, or clearance deals which can slash Aurora stuffed animal prices even further at Walmart.

Aurora dolls and plush blankets

From the sweet rose fairy Bea to the rainbow hair unicorn Lily, Walmart stocks a wide variety of Aurora World’s most popular fairy and unicorn plush dolls for boys and girls. Plus, they offer official Aurora blankets and pillows featuring colorful graphics of your kid’s favorite fantasy characters and creatures.

The 12-inch Aurora fairy and unicorn stuffed animals with silky hair and glittery wings are hot sellers. But Walmart also carries 18-inch jumbo Aurora dolls, 8-inch mini plush pals, as well as larger 2-feet-tall plush figures of Lily the unicorn and Lucas the dragon that will delight kids of all ages.

Free 2-day shipping on orders $35+

While parents will love the everyday low Aurora stuffed animal pricing at Walmart, convenience is also key. That’s why Walmart offers free 2-day shipping on online orders over $35 with no membership fee required.

This makes it easy to get your hands on the perfect Aurora stuffed animals, blankets, and toys for your kids without breaking the bank or your schedule.

Aurora Plush Items Price Range
12-inch fairy/unicorn dolls $15 – $25
18-inch jumbo plush $20 – $35
2-feet dragon/unicorn plush $50 – $65
Official throws & blankets $15 – $30

With everyday low prices across a huge selection, free shipping perks, and even more markdowns through online deals, Walmart is undoubtedly a top destination for getting your hands on the most magical and budget-friendly Aurora stuffed animals.


Affordable prices

Target even offers exclusive Aurora merchandise that can only be purchased in Target stores or on their website. You may discover unique stuffed animals featuring Aurora and other Disney Princess characters not sold elsewhere.

Aurora doll clothes and accessories

In addition to Aurora plushes, Target has a nice selection of complementary products so you can build the perfect Aurora gift. Outfit Aurora dolls in beautiful dresses, stylish shoes, sparkly jewelry, and more with Target’s doll clothes and accessories.

Some featured items in Target’s doll accessories section include:

  • Aurora doll wardrobe with 6+ mix-and-match outfits
  • Aurora nightgowns and robes
  • Aurora tiaras and wands
  • Aurora dresses sized for standard fashion dolls

Order pickup and drive up available

Visit your local Target store to hand select your favorite Aurora stuffed animals and accessories or conveniently order online at Target.com for in-store pickup. Target offers free order pickup in as soon as 1 hour with no minimum order size.

Simply pull up to designated parking spots, pop your trunk, and a Target team member will bring your order right out to your car.

Target Aurora Plush Ratings
Product Rating (out of 5 stars)
Aurora Singing Doll Plush 4.5
Aurora 14″ Feature Plush 4.7

With affordable pricing, great exclusive products, and convenient pickup options, you simply can’t go wrong when buying Aurora stuffed animals at your neighborhood Target store or Target.com!


In conclusion, major retailers like Amazon, Disney Store, shopDisney, Walmart, and Target provide the best options for purchasing official Aurora stuffed animals and plush dolls both online and in physical stores.

With affordable pricing, wide selections, special edition plushes, and convenient shipping or pickup, you can easily find the perfect Aurora stuffed animal at one of these top retailers.

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