A close-up photo capturing a vibrant display of various Pokemon stuffed animals neatly arranged on a store shelf, enticingly waiting to be chosen and taken home by eager fans.

Pokemon fever has gripped fans ever since the popular franchise launched in the 90s. With hundreds of adorable Pokemon to choose from, it’s no wonder so many people want to catch stuffed versions of their favorites to cuddle.

If you’re looking for the very best spots to pick up Pokemon plushies and stuffed animals, we’ve done the research for you. Read on as we reveal the top online stores, specialty shops, retailers and more that offer the biggest and most unique selection of snuggly Pokemon plushes.

Best Online Stores for Pokemon Plush Toys

Pokemon Center

For diehard Pokemon fans, the Pokemon Center website is a veritable toybox filled with delightful plush renditions of famous Pokemon. With characters like Pikachu, Charizard, and more, it has must-have Pokemon plushes you can’t find anywhere else like a two-foot tall Blastoise plush or large-scale plush toys from the latest Pokemon releases, including adorable plush toys based on Pokémon Scarlet and Violet characters like Paldean Wooper and Tandemaus (❤️😍).

Plus you’ll find other exclusive Pokemon Center merchandise like the limited edition plush key chains, backpack clips, and exclusive Pokemon plush and pillow bundles at reasonable prices from $15-$150.


Amazon has a wide-ranging selection of Pokemon plushes from many manufacturers like Pokémon, Build-A-Bear Workshop, Wicked Cool Toys, and more. You can choose from favorite Pokémon like Bulbasaur and Squirtle to newer Pokémon from recent games and anime seasons.Amazon regularly stocks top-rated Pokemon plush toys like the 16-inch Mimikyu Plush by Pokémon ($26), the Lucario Soft Plush by Build-A-Bear Workshop ($34), and much more.

While many toys are more reasonably priced $10-30, larger or higher-quality plush toys can cost $40-100. And with Prime and free delivery options on many items, scoring cute Pokemon plushies on Amazon is easy.


For one-of-a-kind, unique, and even handmade Pokemon plush toys, Etsy has a large assortment from independent crafters and small businesses. On Etsy, you can dig up adorable crochet Pokemon like Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres, Squirtle Squad plushies in squad glasses (😎), and chubby Wooper plushies from Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

Prices typically range from $15 for keychains or pins to $70+ for larger 14-20 inch plushes, but many high-quality and unique items are very reasonably priced $30-45.

Major Retailers Carrying Pokemon Stuffed Animals


As one of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart has an extensive selection of Pokémon plush toys available both in-store and online. They carry plush versions of popular Pokémon like Pikachu, Squirtle, and Eevee from brands like The Wand Company and Wicked Cool Toys.

Prices range from around $10 to $50 for jumbo sized stuffed Pokémon. One great thing about Walmart is they often have deals and sales on Pokémon plushes so you can score your favorite Poké pal for less.

You can shop by Pokémon type online or browse the toy aisle in-store to find the perfect plush gaming buddy.


From small plush keychains to life-size stuffed Snorlax bean bags, Target has one of the largest Pokémon plush toy offerings with almost 100 different options to choose from. They carry exclusive Giant Microbes plushies shaped like Poké Balls and popular Pokémon like Charmander in addition to brands like Build-A-Bear Workshop and Wicked Cool Toys.

Prices start around $10 for mini plush clips perfect for backpacks and can go up to $250 for their exclusive life-size Sitting Snorlax beanbag. Target also frequently runs sales and deals where you can score Pokémon plushes for up to half off.

You can conveniently shop all their Poké plush offerings on their website and filter by character.


As the largest gaming specialty retailer, GameStop offers an awesome selection of high-quality Pokémon plush toys featuring your favorite Pokémon. They carry iconic Pokémon plushies from brands like The Wand Company, First4Figures, and Banpresto ranging from $15 up to $70.

While their selection is smaller than mass market retailers, the quality and details on their Pokémon plush is fantastic. Exclusives like their Sitting Cuties line features premium details and designs you can’t find anywhere else.

They frequently run deals like buy 2 get 1 free so you can grow your plush Pokémon collection on a budget. You can shop by Pokémon online and they even have a plush accessories section with mini Poké Ball bags, hats, clips, and keychains so you can take your Poké pal everywhere you go.

Specialty Shops for Exclusive & Rare Pokemon Plush

For Pokemon fans looking to get their hands on exclusive and rare Pokemon plush toys, specialty shops are often the best places to find unique additions to your collection. These retailers cater specifically to Pokemon collectors and fans, giving them early or exclusive access to limited edition plushes.

Here are some of the top specialty shops to find the most sought-after squishy companions.

Pokemon Center

The Pokemon Center online store is every Pokemon fan’s paradise, filled with apparel, toys, collectibles and more. As the official Pokemon merchandise store, the Pokemon Center gets exclusive plush before any other retailer.

Some of their rarest finds include limited edition regional starter Pokemon, extra large “poke plush” designs over 20 inches tall, and special holiday designs like Halloween Squirtle Squad and Christmas Delibird.

Japanese Import Sites

Importing directly from Japan is a great way to find exclusive plush not available domestically. Sites like Nippon Yasan and Play Asia have entire Pokemon plush sections. Japan gets early releases of new generation starter lines, limited edition Pokemon Center exclusives, and even giant “hugging size” plush over 3 feet tall!

Be prepared to pay a premium for importing and shipping fees, but for hardcore collectors it is often worth it.

Fan Convention Booths

Local fan conventions like Comic Cons are starting to invite more and more Pokémon related booths and artists. And these booths often bring super rare and limited edition Pokémon plushes not sold elsewhere. Artist collaborations and custom-made plush are popular booth items.

Keep an eye out for conventions like Eternal Con, Fan Expo, and Anime Expo which have had Pokémon merchandise sellers and artists in recent years. Unique handmade or custom plush are truly one-of-a-kind additions for collections.

Secondary Markets

For out of production and retired Pokemon plush, secondary markets like eBay and Mercari are treasure troves. Hardcore Pokemon fans resell rare, vintage, or limited edition plush they no longer want in their collections. The 1996 release of 6 Burger King promo plush is highly sought after.

The 2010 Pokemon Center 15th anniversary return of the original 151 Kanto plush line also draws high resale values, with small plush starting around $50 and large plush over $200. Finally, the super sized 4 foot tall 2019 Longchu plush fetches between $700-1200!

Market Avg Price Range Rarity Level
Pokemon Center $15-$50 Common-Ultra Rare
Japanese Imports $30-$100 Rare-Extremely Rare
Fan Conventions $25-$150 Rare-One of a Kind
Secondary Markets $50-$1200 Very Rare-One of a Kind

For Pokemon collectors looking to take their plush collection to the next level, specialty retailers are the places to check first for the most exclusive and hard to find squishy little monsters! 😊 Gotta catch ’em all!

Places to Buy Custom and Personalized Pokemon Plush

For die-hard Pokemon fans, regular plush toys just won’t cut it. Getting your hands on custom and personalized Pokemon plushes that truly reflect your love for your favorite pocket monsters takes a bit more detective work.

Luckily, with so many great online stores catering to pop culture nerds nowadays, finding retailers who can stitch you a one-of-a-kind Squirtle or vulpix doll is easier than ever.


Where else to begin but Etsy, the haven for unique handicrafts and custom gift items. Loads of creative and talented home crafters set up shop on Etsy, offering made-to-order plush dolls, pillows, bags and other sewables featuring your pick of Pokemon.

Have a cherished team you always use in the games? Get a set of plushies made in their likeness. Want a life-size sleeping Eevee pillow to cuddle? There’s probably an Etsy seller who can embroider that for you.

Just browse listings for “Pokemon plush custom”, and you’ll come across gobs of customizable options for Pikachus and Mythical beasts and obscure Gen 2 Pokemon alike. Fair warning though: handmade quality comes at a price. Be prepared to pay a premium for your one-of-a-kind creation.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

For younger trainers just starting their Pokemon adventure, visiting a local Build-A-Bear Workshop store could make for a fun weekend outing. Build-A-Bear offers a wide selection of Pokemon plush toys that can be stuffed and customized in-store, from favorites like Charmander and Jigglypuff to recent additions like Toxtricity and Galar region starter Grookey.

Kids can choose their Pokemon, fluff it up themselves, dress it up, and even record special audio messages to put inside. Add a personal touch by bringing in custom outfits, capes, or sound chips of your own.

Build-A-Bear may not have obscure Pokemon species, but for classic Gen 1 and 2 plushes tailored to your child, it can’t be beat.


Dedicated geek goods retailer FanGamer offers a small selection of quirky, high-quality Pokemon plushes that make novel gifts for adult fans. Choices include an arcanine plush in the style of Japanese mochi (pounded rice) treats, a giant microbe styled like a Voltorb germ, and a stuffed toy that combines squirtle and classic painter Bob Ross.

While options are more limited compared to Etsy, FanGamer’s unique designs guarantee you won’t find these creative Pokemon plushes anywhere else. And with their reputable brand and production, you know you’ll be getting a well-made conversation piece for your collection.

Etsy Build-A-Bear FanGamer
Customization options Extensive Some Limited
Obscure Pokemon Yes No Maybe
Price range $$-$$$$ $-$$ $$

Whether you want a socks-and-sweater Blastoise doll made special just for you or a factory-produced peluche you can customize for your child, options abound for obtaining one-of-a-kind Pokemon plush toys suited to your budget and tastes.

Just decide what level of customization you’re after, then start hunting for the source that can bring your unique Pokemon vision to life. 😍


With such a wide world of Pokemon plush toys to explore, you’re sure to catch some cuties to cuddle. Check out top online stores for the best selection and prices. Don’t forget to peek at specialty shops and retailers for hard-to-find and exclusive designs.

And for a truly one-of-a-kind stuffed Pokemon, customize your own with services that let you personalize your pal. No matter where you ultimately snag your snuggly Squirtle or cozy Charizard, we hope our guide helps you find the perfect Pokemon stuffed animal companions.

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