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Do you want to get your hands on adorable stuffed animals without breaking the bank? If so, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive 3000-word guide, we’ll uncover all the insider tips and tricks for finding cheap stuffed animals so you can build your dream plushie collection on a budget.

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: The best places to get inexpensive stuffed animals are big box stores like Walmart and Target, thrift stores like Goodwill, dollar stores, online retailers like Amazon and eBay, and flea markets or garage sales.

Check Brick-and-Mortar Discount Stores


Walmart is renowned for its low prices on just about everything, and stuffed animals are no exception. They have a surprisingly good selection of high-quality plush toys for under $10. Head to the toy section to find popular characters like Paw Patrol, Disney, and Pokemon.

They also carry their own line of cuddly stuffed animals in an array of animals like teddy bears, puppies, kittens, and unicorns in sizes from small to jumbo.


Target has a fabulous

  • dollar section
  • with inexpensive stuffed animals which gets refreshed regularly with new picks. They also run great sales around the holidays where you can load up on branded stuffed toys for up to 70% off. Be sure to grab a red card to get discounts and rewards on all your purchases.

    It’s also worth checking out their clearance section for some unbelievable deals on plushies- we’ve seen Squishmallows for under $5 here!

    Dollar Stores

    Can you believe you can buy a stuffed animal for only $1? That’s exactly what you’ll find at Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and other dollar stores. The options tend to be pretty basic- think beanie babies, teddy bears, and the occasional branded character. But hey, it’s one buck!Be prepared to sift through the bins to find the least dirty ones. Check back often as inventory changes rapidly. For more money, the quality and selection does go up at Dollar Tree Plus stores.

    Thrift Stores and Secondhand Shops

    From Goodwill to Salvation Army to small mom-and-pop thrift shops, the thrill of treasure hunting for stuffed animals here cannot be beaten. The selection is totally unpredictable but that’s part of the fun.

    You never know what charming pre-loved plushies await- we’ve even spotted super rare Ty Beanie Boos and JellyCats for astonishing low prices! On average, prices range from $0.50-$5.00. The key is persistence- even if you don’t find your diamond in the rough this trip, try again next week.

    The inventory is constantly changing. Oh and don’t forget to check out what’s new on the

  • Facebook Marketplace!
  • With a little cleaning, these secondhand stuffed animals often look good as new.

    Look Online for Deals and Discounts


    Amazon is a go-to place for finding cheap stuffed animals. They have a massive selection and regularly run promotions and lightning deals where prices get slashed for a short period of time. It’s a good idea to browse their stuffed animal department and sign up for price drop alerts so you’ll get notified if the price decreases on something you’ve been eyeing.

    Amazon also has warehouse deals and Amazon renewed items which can save you up to 70%. Sometimes you can find quality stuffed animals there that have cosmetic damage to the tags or packaging.


    eBay is an online auction site where you can often win stuffed animals for much cheaper than retail prices. Sort by newly listed and ending soonest to snag a good deal. Pay attention to item conditions too – many are new with tags or gently used.

    eBay also has fixed price listings from top rated sellers if you want something more reliable. Join the eBay Bucks program to earn cashback on your purchases.


    Wish is known for ultra cheap prices but quality can be hit or miss. Read reviews carefully before purchasing. Shipping also takes a long time because most items ship directly from China. However, if you’re patient, you can find stuffed animals under $5 and even get additional discounts by playing Wish coupon games or following their social media.

    Just know there’s some risk buying from Wish so manage your expectations accordingly.

    Facebook Marketplace and Buy & Sell Groups

    Check Facebook Marketplace in your local area for folks selling quality secondhand stuffed animals. Also search for dedicated buy and sell groups – both locally and specialty groups focused on children’s items, plushies or collectibles.

    Facebook is great because you can inspect items and negotiate on prices. Pay via PayPal Goods and Services for purchase protection. It’s best to thoroughly clean any used stuffed animals purchased online before gifting them.

    Search Local Listings and Classifieds


    Craigslist is one of the most popular classifieds websites to find great deals on used stuffed animals locally. Many people sell their gently used stuffed animal collections on Craigslist when their kids outgrow them.

    You can search Craigslist for specific locations near you to find stuffed animals being sold in your neighborhood. Use keywords like “stuffed animals”, “plush toys” or “beanie babies” to maximize your search results.

    Meet up with local sellers to inspect the stuffed animals in person before purchasing. This allows you to thoroughly check condition and negotiate pricing if needed. Craigslist is optimal for finding one-of-a-kind stuffed animals as people often sell rare items from their personal collections.


    OfferUp is another excellent online marketplace to find discounted stuffed animals locally. They have a user-friendly app making it simple to search listings by item type and location. Many parents sell quality secondhand stuffed animals their kids no longer use on OfferUp.

    You can often find larger lots or bundles of stuffed animals being sold together at reasonable prices. Communicating through OfferUp’s messaging system allows you to ask sellers questions and arrange a meetup to view the items. Paying through OfferUp helps ensure secure transactions too.

    From Ty Beanie Babies to Squishmallows, OfferUp is great for finding an array of stuffed animals nearby at bargain prices.


    LetGo is a comparable online classifieds platform where local sellers list stuffed animals available in your region. Downloading LetGo’s free app enables effortlessly browsing toy listings to uncover hidden deals.

    Many LetGo sellers are willing to negotiate prices making it possible to get stuffed animals for less than asking prices if items have flaws or you buy multiple. LetGo has built-in messaging so you can easily reach out to ask questions before committing to a purchase.

    Since LetGo source items from regular people vs businesses, you can often score quality stuffed animals for pennies on the dollar. From Webkinz plush toys to vintage teddy bears, LetGo is an excellent avenue to source low-cost stuffed animals secondhand near your location.

    Local Facebook Groups

    Facebook Groups focused on items exchange and resale in your hometown can provide excellent opportunities to get inexpensive stuffed animals. Search Facebook for Groups like “ Buy Sell Trade” or “ Garage Sale” to uncover ones matching your region.

    These hyperlocal Groups will have members posting stuffed animals for sale sourced from their own collections. Comment on posts featuring items you like to claim them or arrange meetups. Facebook even facilitates local pickup options and payment transfers making transactions seamless.

    Since these Groups are comprised of neighbors, it allows building connections and discovering deals on stuffed animals not advertised elsewhere. From fuzzy friends to cute creatures, Facebook Buy/Sell Groups tap directly into your community for scoring stuffed animals on a dime nearby.

    Check Out Flea Markets, Garage Sales, and Estate Sales

    Tips for Finding Cheap Stuffed Animals Here

    Flea markets, garage sales, and estate sales can be goldmines for scoring cheap stuffed animals. With some planning and insider tips, you’re bound to find adorable plush pals for a steal at these local hot spots.

    So grab your reusable shopping bag and get ready to hunt for budget-friendly teddy bears and more!

    Arriving early is key – the saying “the early bird gets the worm” definitely applies. Be sure to check listings and get to sales as soon as they start. This ensures first dibs on the best selection. It’s also wise to map out a route to hit up multiple locations in one trip.

    Don’t hesitate to negotiate, especially if buying multiple items. The seller wants to get rid of inventory so they’re often open to deals. You can politely ask, “Would you take $X for this?” as you pick up a few stuffed animals. The worst they can say is no.

    Check toy bins, shelves, boxes, and grab bags for plush pieces. Sellers tend to group all toys together but you may get lucky rooting around other areas too. Shake out clothing piles and peer into baskets. Some great finds get misplaced!

  • Scan for defects before buying. Look for stains, rips, missing eyes, etc. Point them out to ask for a discount if you still want the item.
  • Vintage stuffed animals from decades past often pop up at these sales too. Search for charming retro pals from your childhood!
  • Bring cash and small bills – both to keep spending in check and to facilitate fast payment. You don’t want someone else snatching up that hot toy find because you’re fishing around for exact change at the bottom of your bag!

    Go early in the season for best selection. September weekends are stuffed animal gold after parents purge toys to prep for back-to-school. The same applies right after the winter holidays when kids get new gift hauls.

    How Much Can You Expect to Pay?

    Pricing varies greatly based on condition, age, size, and seller but here are some typical ranges:

    Small stuffed animals $1 – $5
    Medium plushes $2 – $10
    Large stuffed animals $5 – $20
    Jumbo plush pieces $10 – $40

    You can find crazy steals like a spotless Squishmallow for $3 or an adorable 15” teddy bear for only $8. And everything in between too. Get there early, scout thoroughly, negotiate kindly, and walk away with armfuls of new fluffy friends on a budget!

    Wait for the Best Sales

    After Holiday Clearance Sales

    One of the best times to score deals on stuffed animals is right after major gift-giving holidays like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter. Retailers are eager to clear out inventory to make room for new merchandise, so they will deeply discount remaining stuffed animals and plush toys.

    Expect to see 50-90% off clearance sales during these times. Some great retailers to check include Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

    Black Friday/Cyber Monday

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday right after Thanksgiving offer another chance for deep discounts. Retailers are trying hard to kick off the holiday shopping season by luring customers with eye-catching sales. You’ll often find 30-60% off stuffed animals and plush toys during this time.

    Be sure to sign up for email lists to get special coupon codes too.

    Join Loyalty Programs

    If there is a particular store you like to buy stuffed animals from such as Build-A-Bear or Claire’s, join their loyalty program! Members get exclusive coupons and early access to special sales throughout the year. The more you shop with them, the more perks you unlock.

    This is an easy way to save 10-20% regularly.


    We hope this guide gave you plenty of actionable tips for tracking down adorable stuffed plushies without cleaning out your wallet. With the inside scoop on sourcing low-cost stuffed animals from major retailers to secondhand shops and everything in between, you’ll be well on your way to building that dream collection while sticking to your budget.

    Check out all these ideas, be patient watching for sales, and your fluffy friend family will grow in no time.

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