A photo of a neatly arranged aisle in Walmart, showcasing a colorful display of stuffed animals, inviting shoppers to explore their vast collection and discover their favorite companions.

Stuffed animals can be a beloved toy for children of many ages. If you’re wondering where to find these cuddly companions in Walmart, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Stuffed animals in Walmart are typically located in the toy department or seasonal displays. The toy section often has an entire aisle dedicated to stuffed animals of all types.

Around holidays like Easter and Valentine’s Day, additional stuffed toys may be featured in special floor displays.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover everything you need to know about tracking down stuffed animals at your local Walmart store…

Checking the Toy Department

The best place to find stuffed animals in Walmart is definitely in the toy department. Head on over to the toy aisles, usually located at the far side or the back of the store, and you’ll discover shelves full of cute and cuddly plush toys.

You can find all kinds of stuffed animals here, from traditional teddy bears to the latest toy characters and animals.

The toy department features plush toys of all sizes, from tiny bean bag animals perfect for a baby to oversized teddy bears almost as big as a real child! Walmart’s selection includes stuffed dogs, cats, farm animals, zoo animals, dinosaurs, Pokémon characters, Disney characters, and much more.

Popular brands carried include Ty, Squishmallows, Boyds Bears, and Walmart’s own cuddly creations.

Stuffed animals that tie into the latest kids’ movies, TV shows, books and games can often be found together in a dedicated section of the toy department. For example, you may discover a whole display of Toy Story, Paw Patrol or CoComelon plushes.

Around holidays like Valentine’s Day, Easter and Christmas, seasonal plush animals also take center stage.

Here are some tips when browsing for stuffed animals in Walmart’s toy section:

  • Look on shelves at kid height for smaller stuffed animals.
  • Check endcaps for promotional stuffed animal displays.
  • Feel free to squeeze and cuddle to test softness!
  • Scan signage overhead to locate types of plush toys.

With shelves filled with hundreds of huggable stuffed cuties, you’re sure to find the perfect plush pal in Walmart’s expansive toy department. Feel free to spend some quality time making new furry friends!

Holiday Displays

One of the best things about visiting Walmart around the holidays is seeing all of the festive and fun holiday displays. These decorative exhibits help get shoppers into the holiday spirit. Many of the displays also feature a wide selection of stuffed animals that make perfect gifts.

Christmas Stuffed Animals

Walmart devotes a large section of the store to Christmas decor and gifts, including an area filled with plush Christmas stuffed animals. Shoppers can find cute and cuddly plush reindeer, polar bears, penguins, snowmen, gingerbread men, and more.

These make excellent stocking stuffers for kids and adults alike.

In addition, there is usually a special section that features larger premium Christmas stuffed animals. Snuggle up with a 2-foot tall plush Rudolph or Yukon Cornelius from the classic “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer” TV special.

There’s also jolly oversized Santa Claus stuffed animals perfect for spreading holiday cheer.

Valentine’s Day Plush

The Valentine’s Day display at Walmart offers lots of cuddly stuffed animal options that make romantic gifts. Shoppers can find plush bears, dogs, elephants, and more carrying cute messages like “Be Mine” and “Hug Me.” These make perfect gifts for girlfriends, boyfriends, spouses, and crushes.

Around mid-January, Walmart sets up a pink and red Valentine’s Day display filled with giant hanging hearts, fresh flowers, cards, candy, and aisles of plush animals. The stores often carry exclusive Walmart-only Valentine’s stuffed animals too, featuring Coco the monkey, Simone the sloth, and other characters carrying roses, boxes of chocolate, and love notes.

Easter Basket Fillers

In the weeks leading up to Easter, Walmart stocks stuffed animals that are perfect for filling Easter baskets for kids and even adults. The Easter toy displays have areas stuffed with plush bunnies, lambs, chicks, and other cute springtime animals.

Walmart also sets up a special Easter basket section filled with grass, cellophane, ribbon, and pre-made baskets in different colors and themes. Shoppers can create customized Easter basket gifts by mixing and matching basket fillers with cuddly plush animals and other goodies like bubbles, sidewalk chalk, toy cars, candy, and more.

Season Plush Animals
Christmas Reindeer, polar bears, penguins, snowmen, Santa
Valentine’s Day Bears, dogs, elephants with hearts and love messages
Easter Bunnies, chicks, lambs

So next time you visit Walmart, make sure to browse the festive stuffed animal displays. You can find the perfect cuddly plush for gifting and spreading seasonal joy.

Varieties of Stuffed Animals at Walmart

Walmart has an amazing selection of stuffed animals to choose from. They carry all the popular and classic stuffed animals like teddy bears, as well as more unique varieties. There’s sure to be a perfect stuffed friend for everyone at Walmart.

Teddy Bears

No stuffed animal selection would be complete without teddy bears. At Walmart, you can find teddy bears in all sizes from tiny 4-inch bears to jumbo 3-foot bears. They come in different colors and textures like super soft chenille or smooth velour.

Name brand teddy bears from companies like Ty and Aurora are available.

Plush Dogs and Cats

In addition to teddy bears, Walmart has lots of plush dogs and cats. There are popular breeds like Labradors and golden retrievers as well as general stuffed dogs and cats without a specific breed. These make great gifts for pet lovers or kids who want stuffed animal pets.

Baby Dolls

Walmart has a nice variety of stuffed baby doll toys for kids who want to practice being parents. They have baby dolls that laugh and cry, as well as soft, snuggly cloth baby dolls. These make great toys for nurturing a young child’s imagination and role playing.

Animals and Characters

Stuffed animals of almost any type of animal you can think of from farm animals to jungle animals to dinosaurs are available at Walmart. Popular licensed characters like Disney, Pokémon, and Paw Patrol are favorites for kids.

Giant Stuffed Animals

For an oversized stuffed animal hug, Walmart has giant stuffed animals measuring 3-4 feet tall. These huge teddy bears or other animals make fun decorative floor pillows for a kid’s room. They’re sure to bring smiles to kids of all ages.

Interactive Stuffed Animals

Some of the stuffed animals at Walmart have interactive features to engage imagination and play. There are stuffed animals that play music, tell jokes, repeat what you say, make animal sounds, light up, and more.

These interactive plush toys combine traditional stuffed animal coziness with high tech fun.

With such an amazing selection, everyone can find the perfect stuffed animals at Walmart that they’ll enjoy hugging, cuddling and playing with for years to come. Walmart stuffies make great gifts for baby showers, birthdays, holidays or just because.

Pricing and Sales on Stuffed Toys

Walmart offers a wide variety of stuffed animals and plush toys at affordable prices. From popular licenced characters like Disney, Minecraft, and Paw Patrol to cute and cuddly teddy bears and stuffed dogs, cats, unicorns, and other animals, there are lots of huggable stuffed friends for all ages and interests.

Standard pricing for most plush toys at Walmart ranges from about $5 to $25. For example, you can get a simple teddy bear starting from $5-10 while larger, fancy unicorns and popular characters are typically $15-25.

However, there are always weekly deals and rollbacks with discounts and clearance items, so you can often save 20-50% or more on select stuffed animals.

Savings Tips

Here are some tips to save money on stuffed toys at Walmart:

  • Shop clearance sections for the biggest markdowns on stuffed animals
  • Check weekly sales ads for specials on plush toys
  • Look through the bargain bins and as-is section for discounted plushies
  • Become a Walmart+ member to get special Walmart.com sale prices

Popular Brand Sales

You can regularly find toys from popular brands marked down. For example:

Brand Typical Sale Prices
Disney stuffed animals $8-15 (reg. $15-25)
Paw Patrol plush toys $10-12 (reg. $15-20)
Sesame Street stuffed toys $6-10 (reg. $12-18)

Seasonal Stuffed Toy Promotions

Expect extra savings around holidays and key gifting occasions, especially for cozy teddy bears around Valentine’s Day 😍 and festive stuffed characters for Christmas🎅🛷⛄. For example, Walmart offered Buy 1, get 1 50% off all plush toys during their pre-Christmas sale last year.

So be sure to take advantage of limited-time specials for even more stuffed animal savings fun! 😊

Tips for Finding Specific Stuffed Animals

When looking for that perfect stuffed animal for yourself or a loved one, big box stores like Walmart can seem overwhelming with the huge selection. Here are some useful tips to help you more easily track down specific plush toys at your local Walmart.

Check Online First

The Walmart website allows you to browse and search their entire stuffed animal inventory. This is extremely helpful for finding very specific items. For example, searching “Pusheen plush” will show you all available Pusheen brand stuffed cats.

You can check exact prices and see what options are in stock at your store by entering your zip code. This allows you to verify availability before making the trip.

Head to the Toy Department

While you may find some stuffed animals in other departments, the toy section will have the biggest and most complete selection. Usually the plush toys are grouped together in one area, which makes scanning through everything easier.

Look on nearby endcaps as well, as seasonal items like Easter or Valentine’s stuffed animals may be featured there.

Check Endcaps and Displays

Speaking of endcaps and displays, be sure to browse any special seasonal merchandise areas. For example, specific Squishmallows may be stocked in one central endcap. Popular character plushes like Paw Patrol tend to get prime real estate in aisle displays.Checking these areas can reveal harder-to-find stuffed animals.

Don’t Overlook the Clearance Section

It never hurts to browse the clearance toy area as you may luck out. Walmart marks down stuffed animals quite often. You could find that super cute llama you’ve had your eye on now 50% off! Clearance plush toys will be mixed in with other reduced price toys, so scan the area thoroughly.

Enlist an Employee’s Help

If all else fails and you simply cannot locate a specific stuffed animal anywhere, ask a Walmart employee for assistance. Describe exactly what you’re looking for including size, brand, colors, etc. With their handy store tablets and barcode scanners, most Walmart associates should be able to tell you if your desired plush is currently in stock and exactly where to find it.

We hope these useful tips will turn all your Walmart stuffed animal hunting adventures into big success stories! Let us know if you have any other questions on tracking down your next perfect plushie pal.


As you have seen, Walmart actually carries a wide selection of stuffed plush toys for kids and collectors of all ages. By checking the toy aisles, seasonal displays, and using the tips above, you’re sure to track down the perfect cuddly friend on your next Walmart trip.

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