A close-up photo capturing the adorable face of a plush, cuddly warmie stuffed animal, emanating warmth and comfort with its soft fur and gentle smile.

If you’ve come across the term ‘warmie stuffed animal’ and wondered what exactly it is, you’ve come to the right place. In short, a warmie is a plush stuffed animal filled with grains and dried French lavender that can be heated in the microwave to provide warmth and comfort.

But there’s more to these cuddly companions than meets the eye.

We’ll provide a thorough explantation of warmies – from what they’re made of, to their intended uses and benefits, how to care for them, and some of the most popular warmie varieties on the market. We’ll also highlight some of the top brands producing high-quality warmies so you can find the perfect one to meet your needs.

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you’ll be a warmie expert, understanding exactly what these microwavable stuffed animals are all about and how they can benefit you or a loved one.

What Exactly is a Warmie Stuffed Animal?

Basic Description and Materials

A Warmie stuffed animal is a soft and cuddly plush toy filled with dry French lavender and flaxseed that can be gently heated to provide warmth and comfort. These innovative stuffed animals are made of luxuriously soft polyester fur fabric on the outside and contain a mixture of grain and dried French lavender that conforms to the shape when warmed in a microwave oven.

Heat Properties and Intended Uses

The unique heatable properties of Warmie stuffed toys allow them to be a source of gentle and soothing warmth when needed. To heat a Warmie, simply place it in a microwave oven for one minute. The ideal temperature is 104-113°F, warm enough to be comforting but not hot enough to cause any risk of burns.

These cuddly warm stuffed animals can have many great uses:

  • A warming stuffed animal for children
  • Stress relief and relaxation aid
  • Soothing comfort for those with chronic pain or arthritis
  • A source of warmth for cold hands or feet

Key Benefits and Therapeutic Effects

The gentle warmth and soft exterior of Warmie stuffed animals can have many therapeutic benefits:

  • Induces feelings of comfort and security
  • Relieves stress and anxiety
  • Eases muscle tension and minor body aches
  • Aromatic properties of French lavender can promote better sleep

Studies have shown holding or cuddling stuffed animals releases oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone”, which elicits feelings of contentment and calmness.

Warmie Stuffed Animal Regular Stuffed Animal
Provides Warmth Yes No
Therapeutic Benefits Relieves stress, eases pain Comfort and security
Made with French Lavender Yes No

So if you’re looking for a warm, soothing, and comforting plush companion, Warmie stuffed animals are a great option!

How to Use and Care for Your Warmie

Heating Instructions and Safety Tips

Warmies are designed to be safe for all ages when microwave heated, but there are some precautions to follow. Read the instructions on your Warmie’s care tag before heating – most recommend heating for 15-30 seconds at a time until reaching the desired warmth.

Do not leave Warmies unattended when microwaving or allow children to handle Warmies immediately after heating as they may still be very warm.

  • Avoid overheating Warmies as this can damage the quality and materials over time.
  • Test the temperature by feeling the Warmie with your hand before use.
  • Allow at least 15 minutes for your Warmie to cool down before reheating.

Warmies can also be cooled in the refrigerator for comfort on hot nights. They make great ice pack substitutes for minor injuries or headaches!

Cleaning and Maintenance Recommendations

Proper care and cleaning is important to keep your Warmie cuddly and huggable for years to come. Warmies are surface washable only, follow these steps for best results:

  • Hand wash exterior fabric gently with mild soap and cool water.
  • Avoid harsh scrubbing and wringing to prevent interior stuffing damage.
  • Air dry completely before storing or reheating.
  • Spot clean stains immediately with a damp white cloth.

Do not wash Warmies in the washing machine or ever wash the interior fillings. This can cause leakage, mold issues or loss of heating capability. With regular gentle cleaning, your Warmie will remain fresh, cozy and like new!

Storing Your Warmie Properly

Store your Warmie stuffed animals properly to help them retain shape and heat efficiency for years of cuddling comfort:

  • Keep Warmies stuffed firmly to maintain shape.
  • Store in cool, dry location away from heat sources.
  • Avoid compression that could flatten seams and cause wear.
  • Let Warmies air out thoroughly after heating before storage.
  • Use original or breathable storage bags.

Follow these care and maintenance best practices, and your Warmie will remain a beloved bedtime buddy and source of cozy comfort for the whole family!

The Most Popular Warmie Varieties

Farm and Zoo Animals

Some of the most beloved Warmies are the cuddly farm and zoo animal varieties. These include the cow, pig, duck, horse, lamb, and elephant Warmies. The cow Warmie with its white and black patchwork pattern is an adorable snuggle buddy.

The oinking pig Warmie with its pink snout and curly tail is also a fan favorite. If you’re looking for a Warmie with personality, the quacking duck Warmie definitely fits the bill.

In addition to barnyard friends, Warmies offers several zoo animals like the mighty elephant, fierce tiger, and silly monkey. These exotic creature Warmies allow kids to cuddle safe versions of animals they see in storybooks and on TV.

According to the Warmies website, the top 5 animal Warmie bestsellers are:

  • Elephant
  • Puppy
  • Bunny
  • Kitten
  • Monkey

Mythical Creatures

For children with active imaginations, Warmies offers cuddly mythical creatures like dragons, unicorns, and mermaids. The purple dragon Warmie with its green spine spikes and orange wings looks like it flew straight out of a fairytale.

Girls love the rainbow mane and horn of the sparkly white unicorn Warmie. And what kid wouldn’t want to snuggle the pink-tailed mermaid Warmie with its aquatic blue hair?

These fantasy creature Warmies encourage creativity and adventure. Children can dream up all kinds of stories to act out with their new magical friends. Plus, the magical designs help make bedtime less scary for kids frightened of the dark.

Foods and Sweets

Several of the most unique and charming Warmies are the sweet-looking food and dessert varieties. These include Warmies like the Swiss chocolate bar, rainbow ice cream cone, pineapple, and cupcake. The cute faces and smiles on the food Warmies make them instantly loveable.

The cute chocolate bar Warmie looks so realistic you want to take a bite (but don’t worry, it’s just wonderfully soft fabric!). And the colorful sprinkles and frosting on the cupcake Warmie are almost good enough to eat. These sweet and silly foodie Warmies will inspire smiles and laughter.

They also make great pillows to sit around with friends having a pretend picnic or tea party!

People and Characters

For little fans of famous characters, Warmies offers stuffed animals based on popular personas like Olaf from Frozen, Stitch from Lilo & Stitch, and the cute robots Wall-E and Eve. Girls will love cuddling the adorable snowman Olaf with his big goofy smile and signature flurry cloud above his head.

Stitch the alien is also a great character Warmie for some intergalactic adventures.

In addition to famous figures, Warmies has boy and girl people Warmies like the purple-haired princess and the baseball player. Kids can snuggle these more realistic mini people and dream up exciting personas and backstories for them.

Category Most Popular Warmies
Farm & Zoo Animals Elephant, Puppy, Bunny
Mythical Creatures Unicorn, Dragon, Mermaid
Foods & Sweets Swiss Chocolate, Ice Cream Cone, Cupcake
People & Characters Olaf, Stitch, Princesses

Top Warmie Brands and Where to Buy


The original Warmie brand offers the widest selection of plush stuffed animals that contain a heating pack. With over 50 cute animal designs like cats, dogs, owls, sloths, and more, Warmies has a loveable warm stuffed animal for everyone.

The heating packs provide soothing warmth and can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer for versatile therapy solutions.

Warmies stuffed animals can be purchased directly from the Warmies website with prices ranging from $15 to $50 depending on the size and design. The Warmies company also offers wholesale order options for hospitals, clinics, and other similar organizations.


Another popular brand is Intelex, which makes the Warmies and Cozies lines of microwavable warm stuffed animals. The Intelex Warmies contain removable scent packs and are surface washable, while the Cozies line is gently scented and disposable after long-term use.

Intelex Warmies and Cozies can be found at major retailers like Amazon and Walmart with prices typically ranging from $10 – $30. The animals come in cute designs like unicorns, sloths, penguins and more.


Doddlies offers a selection of soft sensory warm stuffed animals with hidden pocket inserts for holding Doddlies Play Packs. The Play Packs contain either warming or cooling packs to provide thermal regulation.

Doddlies are made from super soft micromink fabric that is gentle on even the most sensitive skin.

The Doddlies stuffed animals and Play Packs can be purchased from the Doddlies website with prices ranging from $15 to $40 depending on the animal friend and accessories selected.


While not specifically designed as warming plush animals, Squishables does offer some stuffed animals that could hold a heating pack to make them warm. This includes their large selections of round-bodied animals like dogs, cats, sloths, unicorns, penguins and many more.

Prices range from $20 – $150+ depending on size, and Squishables can be purchased directly from their website as they do not sell through other retailers. Just slip a heating pack inside, wrap in a towel or blanket, and those Squishables can become ultra-cozy Warmies!


We hope this guide has helped shed light on what exactly warmie stuffed animals are and why they make thoughtful gifts or self-care tools. With their soothing warmth and whimsical designs, warmies can ease stress and anxiety for adults and children alike.

Now that you know how to properly use, care for and store warmies, you can confidently select the perfect one to meet your needs and start enjoying all the wonderful benefits these microwavable plush companions provide.

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