A cozy photo showcasing a collection of Warmies stuffed animals arranged in a heart shape, radiating warmth and comfort, inviting cuddles and hugs.

Warm, cozy, and oh so huggable, Warmies stuffed animals have become beloved bedtime and snuggle companions for kids and adults alike. But with their ultra-plush exterior hiding a secret warming pouch, you may be wondering – how exactly do you use them?

If you’re short on time, here’s the quick answer: Simply micowave your Warmies plush for 1 minute to warm the inner wheat bag. Then give it a quick hug or roll to distribute heat evenly before enjoying all that soothing warmth. Read on as we dive deeper into getting the most out of your Warmies.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover everything there is to know about using Warmies stuffed animals. You’ll learn microwave heating times, tips for evenly dispersing warmth, cleaning instructions, safety precautions, and creative ways to use these cozy plush pals all year round.

Heating Your Warmies

Microwave Heating Guidelines

When using your microwave to heat Warmies, it is crucial to follow the proper guidelines to avoid overheating or damage. Most Warmies products recommend heating for 12-15 seconds at a time, checking the temperature after each burst.

Prolonged, continuous heating can make the exterior too hot and potentially damage the sown seams or heating components inside.

Warmies should be heated from room temperature. Starting from colder temperatures may require extra heating time. Always check that the microwave settings are at or below 700 watts before inserting your Warmie friend.

Depending on your microwave wattage, heating times may vary:

  • For a 700 watt microwave, heat for 13 seconds
  • For an 800 to 1000 watt microwave, heat for 12 seconds
  • For a 1200 to 1500 watt microwave, heat for 10 seconds

Ensuring Even Heat Distribution

To maximize both safety and efficiency when heating in the microwave, you’ll want to enable even heat distribution throughout the stuffed animal. Here are some tips:

  • Allow the stuffie to rest outside the microwave for 30 seconds between heating periods
  • Give it a gentle squeeze and massage areas like the feet or tail to spread warmth
  • For larger Warmies, you may need to repeat the heating process multiple times, repositioning in the microwave each time

With 12-13 seconds of heating and stirring periods you can achieve a lower surface temperature while still warming the inner core – maximizing safety and retaining healthy heat longer once removed.

Checking Temperature Before Use

It’s vital that Warmies’ surface does not get too hot before use. An internal temperature around 100-104°F is ideal. Here are a few methods for checking:

  • Use an infrared thermometer to scan the surface – aim for < 100°F
  • Lay the back of your hand against it checking for excessive exterior warmth
  • Hip-check it by holding it near your torso to share some body heat briefly

You can reference this nifty Warmies heating time calculator for additional guidance. Don’t forget to monitor and adjust heating times based on your specific microwave.

By carefully regulating temperature, you can maximize both safety and heat retention. Now go forth and enjoy those deliciously heated hugs!

Safety and Care

Microwaving Do’s and Don’ts

When warming up your Warmie stuffed animal, be sure to follow these simple microwaving instructions:

  • Place the Warmie directly in the microwave on a microwave-safe plate
  • Only microwave for the recommended time (generally 30-45 seconds)
  • Don’t leave unattended while microwaving
  • Let it cool before removing from microwave if the Warmie seems too hot

It’s critical not to overheat your Warmie to prevent any safety hazards or damage. An average microwave heats at about 700-1000 watts, which warms most Warmies in under a minute. Refer to the specific guidance on your Warmie’s hangtag for exact microwaving times.

Cleaning Instructions

Caring for your Warmies stuffed animal is easy – simply follow these cleaning steps as needed:

  1. Machine wash warm with mild detergent, delicate cycle
  2. No bleach
  3. Line dry only
  4. Surface clean spots with damp cloth
  5. Do not iron

As long as you wash Warmies properly and avoid machine drying, they should retain their special heatable properties for years. Check out the Warmies cleaning FAQ for more specifics.

When to Retire Your Warmie

With proper care, your Warmie stuffed buddy can last for many years. But over time, you may notice changes indicating it’s time to retire that special friend:

Signs to Retire Warmie Explanation
Fading of color/material Normal wear after many uses/washes
Inability to retain heat Happens slowly over many heat cycles
Breaking seams/stuffing exposed Indicate interior damage requiring retirement

While it’s sad when one Warmie reaches the end, the good news is there are many adorable Warmie options to choose from when selecting a new cuddly buddy!

Getting Creative with Warmies

Soothing Aches and Pains

Warmies plush toys can be great for soothing aches and pains. Simply heat them up in the microwave and apply to sore areas. The warmth and softness can help relax muscles and ease discomfort from conditions like sciatica or arthritis.

Some creative ways to use Warmies for pain relief include:

  • Place on the neck and shoulders for upper back tension
  • Rest on the lower back for lumbar pain
  • Apply to knees or other joints for arthritis symptoms
  • Lie on top of larger Warmies pets for full body relaxation

Bedtime and Naptime Helper

The soothing warmth of a heated up Warmies stuffed animal can help little ones relax and drift off to sleep more easily. 😴 Here are some suggestions for getting creative with Warmies at naptime or bedtime:

  • Spray a Warmie with a calming lavender mist and tuck under a pillow
  • Lie a Warmie on a child’s tummy or back and tell a sleepy story
  • For older kids, microwave a Warmie and a small weighted blanket to make a cozy, weighted heat pack

Travel Companion

Smaller Warmies like the Reindeer or Mini Pups make great on-the-go companions for kids. They can be easily packed in a bag and heated up once you reach your destination to provide some familiar comfort. 🧳

Warmies also make thoughtful travel gifts for others:

  • Give Warmies to children or grandkids before a long trip or hospital stay
  • Include a Warmie in a “care package” for a college student missing home
  • Tuck a Warmie in a suitcase as a sweet surprise for a long-distance partner

Seasonal Use Ideas

With so many Warmie designs based on seasonal characters like hearts, snowmen, and different animals, there are lots of possibilities for incorporating them into holiday activities or seasonal mood-setting.

Some fun ideas include:

  • Use pumpkin or turkey Warmies for Thanksgiving cuddles
  • Exchange sweetheart Warmies on Valentine’s Day
  • Have an elf Warmie “visit” kids overnight before Christmas
  • Microwave frog or bunny Warmies on first spring days

With a little creativity, Warmies can make great additions to celebrations and chilly weather comfort all year round! ❄️


From following the correct heating method to getting creative with soothing new uses, we’ve just about covered everything there is know about getting the most out your Warmies stuffed animals.

Huggable, microwaveable, incredibly cozy, and designed to deliver healthy wheat-filled warmth wherever it’s needed – what’s not to love about these modern plush companions? Give your Warmie lots of special hugs and they’re sure to bring years of warmth and comfort your way.

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