A close-up photo capturing a pair of warmies stuffed animals being gently hand-washed in warm soapy water, their vibrant colors contrasting against the delicate bubbles, evoking a sense of care and cleanliness.

Warmies are super snuggly stuffed animals that contain heat packs, making them extra cozy for bedtime or anytime you need a hug. As much as we love curling up with our Warmies friends, eventually they’ll need a bath to stay fresh and clean.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer to your question: The best way to wash Warmies is to machine wash them on a gentle cycle using cold water and a very mild detergent. Allow them to fully air dry before adding a new heat pack.

Preparing Your Warmie for Washing

Check the tag

The first step before washing your adorable Warmies stuffed animal is to check the tag for any special washing instructions. Most Warmies can be machine washed, but some may have specific temperature or cycle requirements.

Pay close attention to symbols or notes on the tag to make sure you clean properly without damaging the fabric or fill material inside.

Remove the heat pack

If your Warmie contains a scented heat pack, you’ll want to carefully remove this before washing. The heat pack contains botanical ingredients that create a cozy warmth when microwaved. However, it should not be placed in water.

Gently unzip or unfasten any opening to slide the heat pack out. Set it aside until the washing process is complete before safely returning it within the plush exterior.

Without the heat pack, your Warmie will still be madly huggable! But for best results, take a minute to remove this delicate insert so you can truly refresh the whole stuffed pal.

Close any velcro or ribbon parts

Some Warmies feature special closures like velcro patches or adjustable ribbons. Before placing your snuggly friend into the washing machine, securely close these parts so they don’t catch or tug against the interior drum. This protects any loose ends from wear and tear during the cycle.

For example, if your sloth or unicorn Warmie has a velcro belly pouch, press the two sides together. Or if there’s a ribbon at the neck, tie it tightly in place. Taking this quick step keeps everything secure for a successful cleaning!

Now your Warmie is ready for some sudsy sprucing up! Just follow the additional care instructions on the tag for best washing methods. With heat pack removed and closures fastened, you can freshen up your furry Warmies buddy in no time. Soon, it will be perfectly prepped for more cozy cuddling! 🤗

Choosing the Right Wash Method

Machine washing tips

When it comes to keeping your cute and cuddly Warmies stuffed animals fresh and clean, putting them in the washing machine is usually the most efficient method. However, there are some useful tips to follow so your magical friend comes out looking their best!

First, always check the care tag. Most Warmies can be safely washed in cold water on a gentle cycle, but refer to the tag just in case. Make sure to use a gentle, hypoallergenic detergent that is fragrance-free. Harsh soaps can be too rough on the fabrics.

You’ll also want to place your Warmie friend into a bag or pillowcase and tightly secure it to prevent excess wear and tear during the wash. An old pillowcase works perfectly!

When the wash is done, avoid putting your Warmies stuffie in the hot dryer which could cause the rice and fabric to become misshapen. Instead, allow them to air dry naturally which preserves their quality and softness.

As a bonus tip — you can also freshen up your Warmie by placing it in the freezer overnight! The cold helps eliminate odors.

Hand washing tips

While most Warmies plush toys can go in the washing machine, some collectors may prefer giving their rare or delicate stuffed pals some special treatment with hand-washing. This takes a bit more time and care, but helps ensure your special friend stays in great condition.

Fill up your sink or a large bowl with cool water and add just a small amount of gentle soap or detergent, then submerge your Warmies friend fully in the water. Allow it to soak for 15-20 minutes so the fabric and stuffing become fully saturated.

Next, gently move, press, and massage the plush all over to lift dirt and oils through the fabric. Never wring, scrub harshly, or scrape to prevent damage.

Drain the dirty water and refill your container with fresh cool water to rinse thoroughly. You may need to repeat the rinse cycle 2-3 times until water runs clear. Gently squeeze to remove excess moisture, then lay flat on a towel without twisting or bunching to dry.

Your hand-washed stuffie will be good as new!

Other cleaning options

If your Warmies plush toy doesn’t need a full wash but could use some freshening up, try these quick cleaning methods:

  • Spot clean minor stains with carpet foam or upholstery cleaner applied lightly with a soft brush.
  • Freshen up stuffed animals between washes by placing into a plastic bag with a dryer sheet overnight.
  • Use a handheld garment steamer on low heat to remove odors and wrinkles.
  • Clean off surface dirt gently with a soft bristle brush or cloth dampened slightly with water.

With a little TLC, your beloved Warmies pals will stay clean and special for many years of cuddles! Just be sure to treat them gently and air dry thoroughly after cleaning. Now go have some fun adventures together!

The Machine Washing Process Step-By-Step

Wash on a gentle cycle with cold water

When machine washing your Warmies stuffed animals, it’s important to use a gentle wash cycle and cold water temperature setting. The gentle cycle helps preserve the shape and texture of the plush fabric, while cold water prevents the heat packs inside from getting too hot and accidentally activating during the wash.

Set your washing machine to the most delicate cycle offered. Common gentle cycle names include Delicates, Hand Wash, and Gentle. Make sure the wash water temperature is set to Cold or Cool. Warm or hot water can damage the heat packs over time.

Use a mild detergent

Stick to gentle laundry detergents when washing Warmies to prevent damage to the fabric or heat packs. Liquid detergents for sensitive skin are ideal since they contain fewer harsh ingredients. Measure out the recommended amount based on your load size to prevent residue buildup.

Steer clear of detergents with brightening agents or fabric softeners as these can break down elasticity over time. Fragrance-free and dye-free types are gentler options as well.

Skip the fabric softener and dryer

It’s best to skip adding fabric softener when washing Warmies stuffed animals. Fabric softener and dryer sheets can leave behind a coating that reduces the toy’s ability to retain heat. Air drying is also recommended rather than machine drying to preserve the plush texture.

The heat and tumbling of a clothes dryer can damage the fabric, cause the heat packs to activate, or even damage the internal heating elements. Pat your Warmies with a towel after washing to soak up excess moisture. Then allow to fully air dry, keeping away from direct sunlight.

Air dry thoroughly before adding new heat pack

Be sure your Warmies are 100% dry inside and out before inserting a new heat pack. Any trapped moisture left inside can trigger the heat pack to activate early or cause mold growth.

Check seams, fabric creases and edges to confirm there’s no lingering moisture. Allow an extra day of drying if unsure. Refer to your product’s instructions for proper heat pack placement and closure after air drying is complete.

Proper machine washing keeps your Warmies cozy companions clean while extending their lifespan. Following delicate care measures preserves the plush fabric quality and heat functionality that makes them such beloved bedtime buddies!

Caring for Your Warmie After Washing

Fluff up the stuffing

After washing your Warmies stuffed animal, it’s important to thoroughly fluff up the stuffing inside to help it dry faster and recover its shape. Gently squeeze and massage the animal to break up any clumping in the stuffing.

You can also use something with a rounded end like a wooden spoon handle to lightly poke the stuffing from the inside and loosen it up. Take care not to damage the seams. Let it air dry completely before use.

Freshen up with baking soda

For an extra clean and fresh scent, you can sprinkle some baking soda into the cavity of your Warmie after washing. About 1-2 tablespoons should do the trick! Gently shake the baking soda around to coat all the inner surfaces.Baking soda helps absorb odors and moisture.

You can easily vacuum or shake it out later. Not only will this help your Warmie smell nice, but it has mild antibacterial properties to sanitize the inside too.

Patch any leaks or holes

Check the seams and outer fabric of your stuffed animal for any small holes or leaks where the filling could escape. Use a needle and coordinating thread color to neatly stitch closed any openings. You may want to apply a small dot of fabric glue on the inside first for extra reinforcement.

This will prevent leaks and maintain the shape of your Warmie over time. Be sure to trim any loose threads when you are done mending.

Store properly when not in use

It’s important to store your Warmies properly between uses to keep it clean and prevent damage:

  • Allow it to fully air dry before putting it into storage.
  • Store in a breathable bag or bin, not an airtight container.
  • Avoid direct sunlight which could fade colors over time.
  • Keep away from moths, carpet beetles, or other insects which could damage fabrics.
  • Do not place heavy objects on top of it in storage.

With some basic care and attention, your adorable Warmies stuffed animal can remain a cuddly companion for years to come! Follow these tips after washing to keep it fluffy, fresh, and clean.

Know When It’s Time to Retire a Beloved Warmie

Look for excessive wear and tear

Warmies are designed to be cherished for years, but extensive use will inevitably lead to some wear. Check your Warmie for holes, torn seams, loose threads or stuffing coming out. If the damage is minor, holes and sewing issues can typically be patched up.

But if the wear is excessive, with large holes or substantial loss of fill, it may mean your Warmie has reached retirement age.

Watch for mold or mildew

Like any snuggly stuffed friend who shares your bed, Warmies can sometimes get musty. Give your Warmie a sniff test regularly. If you detect a stale, damp or moldy odor, wash the Warmie promptly according to the care instructions. Let it air dry completely before use.

If the smell persists after washing, unfortunately mold or mildew may have taken permanent hold inside. Time to lovingly retire your scent-challenged Warmie.

Consider when they no longer bring comfort

Beyond wear and cleanliness issues, gauge if your Warmie still feels comforting or restful to hold. Has your beloved bedtime buddy lost its snuggle factor and now feels simply like an ordinary stuffed animal?

Do you find yourself less attached to this particular Warmie, even if it’s still in good condition? Trust your intuition here. Once a Warmie stops offering its soothing magic, even after washing, it may suggest this cuddly companion has served its comforting purpose in your life.

No need to retire it with sadness; be grateful for the years this special Warmie friend provided the gift of cozy comfort!

Excessive wear and tear Time to retire it
Musty, moldy smell Attempt washing first, then likely retire
No longer comforting Trust your intuition that it’s served its purpose

With over 25 adorable Warmies characters to choose from, you can always welcome a new bedtime buddy when you feel one has fulfilled its comforting destiny. Check the Warmies website to adopt your next soothing sleep companion!


With some basic care and gentle washing, your Warmies stuffed animal can remain a comforting companion for years. By following these guidelines on properly washing and maintaining your Warmie, you???ll keep it clean, cozy, and ready for all those times you need a hug.

Knowing the right techniques to clean your special Warmies pal without damaging it ensures you can snuggle up safely with your fuzzy friend over and over.

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