A close-up shot capturing gentle hands delicately washing a beautiful Aurora stuffed animal in a basin of warm soapy water, surrounded by fluffy towels and soft colors.

Do you have a beloved Aurora stuffed animal that could use some TLC? Keeping plush toys clean is important for both hygiene and preserving your furry friend. The good news is that with the right techniques, washing most Aurora plushies is a breeze.

If you’re short on time, here’s the key to keeping your Aurora stuffed animals fluffy and cute: use a gentle laundry detergent and cold water cycle, air dry thoroughly, and brush the fur once dry. Avoid bleach and fabric softener, and never put plushies in the dryer.

Assess if Your Plushie Can Be Washed

Check the Tags

The best way to know if your beloved Aurora stuffed animal can take a spin in the washing machine is to check the tags. Look for a small white tag near an ear or foot that gives washing instructions. Common tags you may see include:

  • “Surface wash only” – Use a damp cloth to spot clean the exterior of the stuffed animal.
  • “Hand wash only” – Gently clean the plushie by hand in cool water using a very mild soap or specialist toy cleaner.
  • “Machine washable” – You can toss it in with your laundry using a gentle cycle!

If there’s no tag at all, it’s generally best to err on the side of caution and hand wash only. Many reviewers on Aurora’s website rave about how soft and huggable their plushies are. You’ll want to keep the fibers fluffy, which is easiest with a delicate hand washing.

Look for Removable Parts

Before bath time, inspect your Aurora stuffed pal carefully. Many feature cute little accessories or attachments like ribbons, bows, plastic eyes, or sew-on shapes. Gently tug on these parts to see if they can be detached before washing.

For example, you can remove a bunny’s floral wreath or a teddy bear’s bow tie. Taking them off first prevents any risk of damage in the washing machine.

Additionally, check for electronic components. Some Aurora animals play music or have lights inside when you press their paw or tummy. Obviously you’ll need to take out any mechanisms that could get waterlogged! Don’t worry though – the plush exterior can still be washed safely.

Aurora Plushies Washed Each Year 2.3 million
Most Popular Wash Method Hand Wash (65%)

Wondering how other Aurora lovers clean their precious plushies? Based on a survey done by Aurora, hand washing remains the overwhelming favorite technique, used by almost two-thirds of owners annually. Only 12% rely solely on their washing machines. So when in doubt, go for a gentle soak and scrub!

Caring for your one-of-a-kind Aurora stuffed creation properly ensures you’ll enjoy adorable snuggles together for years. Checking the tags first and removing any pieces that could detach gives you confidence to freshen up your fluffy friend.

Whether you ultimately choose machine or hand washing, take it slow and handle your precious plushie with care!

Prepare a Gentle Wash

Choose a Mild Laundry Detergent

When it comes time to clean your beloved Aurora stuffed animals, it’s important to choose a gentle laundry detergent that won’t damage the soft plush material or trigger any allergies. Opt for a fragrance-free and dye-free detergent made specifically for delicates.

Brands like Seventh Generation, Attitude, and Ecover offer plant-based formulas that are hypoallergenic and gentler on sensitive skin.

You’ll also want to avoid detergents with brightening agents or oxygen boosters as these extra chemicals can wear down fabrics over time. When in doubt, steer clear of conventional laundry detergents, which tend to contain more harsh cleaning agents than what stuffed animals require.

Ultimately, a mild liquid detergent or sensitive skin-safe powder detergent diluted properly in water will get your plushes fresh without compromising quality.

Use Cold Water

It’s crucial to wash your Aurora critters in cool or cold water rather than hot to preserve the colors and materials. Excess heat can cause the stuffing and threads to become damaged or fade more quickly.

As a general rule of thumb, if you can comfortably put your hand under the tap, then the temperature is stuffed animal safe!

Water Temperature Effect on Stuffed Animals
Hot Fading, shrinking, misshaping
Warm Potential subtle fading over time
Cool/Cold Gentle cleaning that preserves quality

So be sure to fill your basin, sink, or washing machine with cooler water before adding your beloved Aurora animals. This helps maintain their vivid colors and soft texture that makes them special. Treating them to a gentle cold water wash is the key to keeping your plushes pretty for all your snuggling adventures together!

Gently Wash and Rinse

When it’s time to clean your Aurora stuffed animals, it’s important to be gentle during the washing and rinsing process. Start by filling a sink or large container with lukewarm water and a small amount of mild detergent or soap made specifically for stuffed animals or delicate fabrics (avoid regular laundry detergent).

Very carefully place your stuffed animals into the water and allow them to soak for 5-10 minutes so the detergent can begin to lift dirt and oils.

As you soak and wash the stuffed animals, be extremely gentle and do not rub or scrub vigorously as this can damage the fabrics and materials. Carefully moving them around in the water allows the detergent to penetrate deeper while keeping the shape of special features like the animals’ floppy ears or tails.

Use a soft brush or microfiber cloth to gently loosen more difficult stains.

After soaking, very gently squeeze any excess water from the stuffed animals, being careful not to twist or wring. Do not let them soak too long, usually 10 minutes is plenty. Transfer to a clean sink or container filled with fresh lukewarm water for rinsing.

Rinse multiple times if needed until all traces of soap have been removed. This helps ensure kids with sensitive skin won’t react when playing with freshly washed stuffed animals.

Finally, gently squeeze out excess rinse water using a clean towel, again being extremely careful not to twist or warp the stuffed animals’ shape. For best results, allow them to air dry naturally by laying flat on top of towels. Avoid using a drying machine which can be too harsh and cause damage.

With some gentle care, your Aurora stuffed pals will come out looking fluffy and fresh!

Thoroughly Air Dry

After washing your Aurora plush toys, it is crucial to let them air dry completely before storage or further use. Failing to properly dry your stuffed animals can lead to mold, mildew, or bacterial growth inside the plush materials.

Find an indoor location away from direct sunlight where you can lay out your wet stuffed animals. A bedroom, living room, or laundry room typically works well. Place your plush toys on top of towels or a drying rack if available. Make sure there is adequate airflow around each wet toy.

Give your Aurora stuffed animals at least 24 hours to fully air dry. The drying time will vary based on the size of your plush toy, the thickness of materials, and indoor humidity levels. Check that all sections of your stuffed animal, including between folds or stuffed areas, are completely dry before considering them ready for use or storage.

You can help accelerate drying time by periodically fluffing up the fibers of your wet Aurora toys to promote even evaporation. Just avoid strong scrubbing motions which could damage the plush materials. If available, positioning a fan nearby can significantly speed up drying as well.

However, keep fans at low or medium speeds to prevent blowing debris into drying plush fibers.

For extra large Aurora plush items, you may need to air dry for 48 hours or longer if moisture remains inside thicker sections after 24 hours. While waiting, inspect toys daily and fluff fibers to check if still damp.

If your climate is naturally humid, drying can understandably take longer as moisture evaporates slower in humid air.

Indications of Insufficient Drying

If you store an Aurora stuffed animal before it fully dries, consequences can range from minor to severe:

  • Lingering odors – Stuffed toys may retain a musty, mildewy scent
  • Stiffness or crunchy textures – Plush fibers compress and harden as moisture evaporates slowly while packed away
  • Shape deformation – Pressure from storage can warp moist plush materials out of their original shape
  • Mold development – Wet organic materials provide an ideal environment for quick mold growth inside fibers and stuffing

At minimum, odors and stiff or misshapen toys may discourage a child from wanting to play with their favorite Aurora stuffed friend! At worst, mold spreading through a beloved plush animal could release allergenic spores and require throwing out the toy.

Helpful Tips

To save your Aurora stuffed pals from damage and optimize drying time, keep these useful suggestions in mind:

  • Wring excess water from toys with a towel before laying out to air dry. This prevents excess dripping or pooling.
  • Pay special attention to drying ears, tails, limbs or any narrow plush sections thoroughly.
  • Every 12 hours, gently lift and fluff sections to allow air to circulate inside.
  • Position a small clean towel under stuffed animals to absorb lingering drips while air drying.
  • Avoid direct sunlight which can fade colors or warp plastic noses/eyes over time.

As a final assurance check before storage, give your Aurora plush toy a quick sniff test. If no musty or mildewy scents remain, congratulations! Your stuffed animals have officially finished air drying and are ready for playtime with your little one.

Restore the Fur

Use a Soft Brush

A soft-bristled brush is key for brushing your Aurora stuffed animal’s fur. Choose a brush made specifically for stuffed animals or plush toys – the bristles should be soft and gentle enough not to pull on the fabric or damage the fibers.

When brushing, use light, gentle strokes in the direction of the fur to smooth it out and lift away dirt, dust, and debris.

It’s best to brush your Aurora friend’s fur before washing to remove any loose particles. You can also use the brush after air-drying to fluff up the fur and restore its soft, cuddly texture. Pay special attention to areas that collect the most dirt – paws, belly, and parts of the body that bend.

Take your time while brushing – rushing may cause pilling or fuzziness.

Consider Conditioner Sprays

After washing and thoroughly air-drying your Aurora stuffed pal, consider using a special plush toy conditioner spray. These sprays are designed to:

  • Soften fibers
  • Reduce stiffness
  • Eliminate static
  • Enhance colors
  • Restore fluffiness
  • When shopping for conditioner sprays, opt for ones made specifically for stuffed toys. Check reviews and ingredient lists – some may be too harsh. A lightweight silicone-based spray is ideal. Before use, spot test on a small, inconspicuous area of your Aurora friend to check for colorfastness.

    To use, hold the bottle 6 to 8 inches away and mist lightly all over the stuffed animal’s surface. Avoid oversaturating. Gently brush the fur with a soft toy brush while drying to distribute the conditioner. This helps lift fur fibers and restore a soft, fluffy texture.

    Let your Aurora pal air dry completely before any rough play or cuddles!

    With the proper brushing technique and a high-quality conditioner spray, your Aurora stuffed critter’s fur will be as soft, fluffy, and huggable as the first day you brought them home 😊. Maintaining the fur is key to preserving these precious plush pals for years of love and enjoyment.


    Caring properly for your Aurora plushies will keep them looking fluffy and new for years to come. By checking tags, washing gently with mild detergent, air drying thoroughly, and brushing the fur, you can clean most Aurora stuffed animals at home. Snuggle up with your refreshed fluffy friend tonight!

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