A close-up photo capturing the delicate hands of a child, carefully removing a stick of gum from a beloved stuffed animal's fur, showing the determination and care required in the process.

Finding gum stuck in your favorite stuffed animal can be upsetting. However, with the right techniques, you can usually remove gum from stuffed toys without damage.

If you need to act quickly, try freezing the gum for a few hours, then gently chipping it away. You can also try rubbing an ice cube on the gum to harden it before peeling it off.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through several methods for getting gum out of plush toys, from home remedies to professional cleaning solutions. With some patience and care, your stuffed friend will be gum-free.

Assess the Gum in Your Stuffed Animal

Determine gum type and age

Before attempting to remove gum from a stuffed animal, it’s important to evaluate what kind of gum it is and how long it has been stuck there. Bubble gums are more difficult to work with the longer they have been attached to fabric or stuffing. But fear not!

There are methods to remove even ancient chewing gum from beloved stuffed friends. 😊

The first step is to try scraping the edge of the gum gently with your fingernail or a dull knife to see if it peels up at all. If there is any “give” to the gum and it lifts off a bit, you are dealing with a fresh piece that has not fully hardened. Great news! Newer gum is much easier to tackle.

Just be extremely careful in this assessment step not to damage the underlying material or spread the gum further. 👍

If the gum doesn’t give at all and is fully fused with the fibers, you likely have an older piece on your hands. No worries, with some persistence you can still save that adorable plushie! Gently check if the gum seems hard all the way through or still a little softer and sticky in the middle by lightly pressing the surface.

A still-soft middle means that solvents applied around the edges can slowly creep in and dissolve the gum. But a totally hard piece will need heat to be melt out through steaming or freezing methods.

Check stuffing and fabric type

Next determine if the gum is sticking to the surface fibers of the stuffed animal or to a deeper layer of inner stuffing or batting. Synthetic fibers like polyester or acrylic will not absorb sticky residues the way natural fibers such as cotton, wool, or silk might.

You can attempt more aggressive chemical solvents on synthetic fabrics with less risk of damaging the fibers themselves.

Squeezing some dissolvent underneath hard pieces of gum on synthetic surfaces can help loosen the bond and float the gum up off the material. But take greater care with solvents on silk, wool or cotton so that the application itself does not leave a lasting stain or grease mark, which is often harder to get out than the original gum!

A light touch is key with solvents on natural fibers to avoid secondary damage.

Spot clean any residue

It’s important to spot clean any residual stickiness left behind on fabric or fur after the bulk of the gum has been removed. Residue can attract dirt over time, leaving a discolored spot. Most solvents can be gently blotted away with paper towels or soft cloths.

Ammonia, eucalyptus, tea tree or citrus-based cleaners also naturally cut greasy residue without damaging delicate materials. 👍

Gone are the days when contacting a sticky piece of gum spelt the end for your favorite stuffed pal! With some investigative assessment of the gum characteristics and underlying fabric, as well as targeted spot treatments based on material safety, you can send even the grossest gum packing from precious plushies of all types!

😊🎉 Then you and fuzzy friend can get back to business as usual with no more pesky gum in sight!

Gum Type Fabric Type Best Removal Method
Fresh, soft bubble gum All types Freezing then picking off
Old, hard bubble gum Synthetic fabrics like polyester Solvents under hard edges
Medium-aged bubble gum Delicate natural fabrics like wool Steaming and blotting

An article on Good Housekeeping recommends using dissolvents like WD-40 or hairspray that contain alcohol to break down gum bonds on synthetic stuffed animals when followed by thorough cleaning of any oily residues left behind.

Their methods have an 82% success rate based on reader surveys – so you have a great shot at gum removal with some strategic dissolvent action! 😀👍

Remove Gum with Cold Temperatures

Freeze the stuffed animal

One of the most effective methods for removing gum from stuffed animals is to freeze the toy overnight. When gum is exposed to cold temperatures for an extended period, it becomes very hard and brittle. This makes it much easier to chip away and remove.

To freeze the stuffed animal, simply place it in a plastic bag and put it in your freezer overnight. In the morning, take out the toy and try scraping away the gum with a dull knife or spoon. You should find that the gum cracks and lifts off quite easily in chunks or flakes after being frozen.

Just be gentle as you scrape to avoid damaging the stuffed animal’s fur or fabric.

Use ice cubes

If you don’t want to wait overnight for the freezer method, you can also use regular ice cubes to harden gum on a stuffed toy. Simply wrap some ice cubes in a paper towel or small washcloth, then hold the bundle against the gum for 5-10 minutes. Replace with new ice cubes when the first ones melt.

The cold from the ice cubes helps harden up the gum in a similar way to the freezer. Once the gum feels solid, gently scrape it away with a dull utensil. You may need to apply more ice cubes for particularly stubborn pieces of gum.

Try aerosol cold sprays

Another option is to use an aerosol cold spray containing a compressed gas like tetrafluoroethane or difluoroethane. Popular brands for this include Dust-Off and Falcon Freeze Spray.

To use these sprays:

  • Hold the can upright about 6 inches away from the gum.
  • Press the button to spray the compressed gas onto the gum for 5-10 seconds.
  • The intensely cold spray causes the gum to become frozen and brittle.
  • Scrape the hardened gum off gently with a dull knife or spoon.
Advantage Disadvantage
Works very quickly compared to other methods Can be expensive if buying specifically for gum removal
Easy to target spray at just the gum May not detach gum as easily as freezing overnight

So don’t fret if you discover gum stuck to your beloved stuffed pal! 😀 With some cold temperatures and patience, you can get them cleaned up and good as new again.

Use Oils, Solvents, or Cleaning Solutions

Dab with vegetable, peanut or mineral oil

Vegetable, peanut, or mineral oils can help dissolve sticky gum out of stuffed animal fur (source). Using a cloth or paper towel, gently dab a small amount of oil directly onto the gum. Allow it to soak for 1-2 minutes. The oil helps break down the gum bonds.

Then, working slowly, gently rub the area to roll and lift the gum away. Take care not to spread the oil too far or saturate the stuffed animal.

Be patient and persistent in rubbing and rolling. The gum may come off in sticky pieces rather than all at once. Some light scrubbing may also help lift gum residue after most has been removed. When finished, spot clean the oiled area well with dish soap and water, then blot dry (don’t machine wash/dry after applying oils).

Oils can leave residue or stains if not thoroughly cleaned.

Apply Goo Gone or WD-40 carefully

Solvent-based products like Goo Gone and WD-40 also dissolve gum bonds when applied directly to the sticky substance. However, exercise caution when using these as they can stain fabrics or be difficult to fully remove if spread widely. Always spot test first.

To use Goo Gone, dip the corner of a cloth into the liquid, then gently rub it on just the gum area, wait 1 minute, and gently roll away gum remnants. Follow up by rubbing a soapy cloth over the spot and rinsing well with clean water (source).

Similarly, apply WD-40 sparingly with a cotton swab directly to the gum, let it soak in for a few minutes, then rub away remnants with your finger or an old toothbrush. Rinse the area well afterward with dish soap and water, changing cloths if residue remains.

WD-40 must be thoroughly removed as any lingering oily residue can attract dirt over time.

Try dry cleaning solvents sparingly

Light duty dry cleaning fluids and solvents like Energine can dissolve gum bonds when applied directly and given 1-2 minutes to work. However, many caution against using dry cleaning chemicals yourself due to their harsh ingredients.

Spot test first and strictly control application to avoid widespread damage.

If pursuing this method, dip a cotton ball in the solvent, gently dab onto just the gum, wait 1-2 minutes, then gently peel/roll away dissolving gum. Use a fresh cotton ball to gently wipe any remaining residue.

Allow to fully air dry, rinse the area with water, and launder as usual once fully dry to remove any lingering solvents.

Method Application Tips Cautions
Oils Apply to gum via cloth/towel Don’t oversaturate or machine wash after oiling
Goo Gone Use corner of cloth to apply sparingly Test first as can stain, rinse soap well after
WD-40 Cotton swab application Must fully rinse all residue after use
Solvents Cotton ball application Use extremely sparingly/carefully

When tackling gum in stuffed animals, always blot/roll versus scrubbing forcefully, test products first, control application to minimize potential damage, and thoroughly rinse residues after finish gum removal.

With some patience and targeted effort, you can get even stubborn gum out of stuffed toys. Just take care when wielding solvents and oils. 👍

Attempt Manual Removal

Getting gum out of stuffed animals can be tricky, but attempting manual removal is often the first step to try. There are a few methods you can attempt before moving onto other solutions.

Pick at the Gum Gently

Using your fingers or tweezers, gently pick at the pieces of gum in the stuffed animal’s fur. Slowly work at the gum, peeling it off bit by bit or rolling it into balls until you’ve removed as much as possible. Just be very careful not to pull or damage the fur in the process.

This works best with newer, softer gum that hasn’t hardened too much yet. For especially stubborn, dried out gum, the other manual methods below may work better.

Brush Crumbs with a Toothbrush

If picking at the gum leaves small crumbs stuck behind, use an old toothbrush to gently brush them away. Carefully work the bristles along the stuffed animal’s fur, brushing the remaining sticky residue free bit by bit.

You can also use this toothbrush method first to break up the bigger chunks of gum before removing them. The bristles can help loosen the gum’s foothold among the fur strands without damaging the strands themselves.

Use a Seam Ripper for Precision

A seam ripper is a useful precision tool for gum removal. Its narrow sharp tip allows you to slice hardened gum pieces free from the fur strand by strand. Carefully insert the seam ripper tip under the edge of the gum chunk and lift upwards to cut and pry it free gradually without harming the fur.

Compared to fingers or tweezers, a seam ripper gives you better visibility and control for gum stuck deep in the fur, such as on the back or underside areas that are trickier to access. It’s essential to always point the sharp end away from the fur and be extremely cautious not to accidentally cut or damage any strands.

Tool When It’s Most Useful
Fingers For pulling off soft, fresh gum
Tweezers For grabbing small gum pieces
Toothbrush For brushing away gum residue
Seam ripper For precision removal of hardened gum

While attempting manual removal, it’s key to take your time and be very gentle at each step. Rushing increases the risks of damaging the stuffed animal such as ripping out fur. If the fur gets matted or gummed together, try working cornstarch, baby powder, or baking soda into the area to absorb stickiness and gently loosen strands apart again.

For more useful tips, check out this stuffed animal cleaning website. 👍 With some patience and care, hopefully the manual methods above get the tricky gum free from your stuffed friend! 😊

Clean the Area After Gum Removal

Blot excess oil or moisture

After removing the sticky gum from your stuffed animal using oil or ice, it’s crucial to thoroughly clean the area to avoid damage or staining. First, gently blot away any excess oil or water using a clean microfiber cloth or paper towels.

👍 Press lightly and avoid scrubbing or rubbing vigorously on delicate materials.

For plush toys, blot perpendicular to the grain of the fabric to lift residue from the fibers. Check the tag or seam inside for care instructions on that specific material. According to cleaning experts, blotting is key after using any liquid agent to avoid over-saturating the stuffing or interior components.

Spot clean any remaining residue

After blotting, inspect closely and spot treat any remaining gum, oil or sticky spots using a gentle cleaner compatible with the fabric. An oxygen-based bleach-free stain remover or delicate/fine fabrics laundry detergent works well here. 😊

Lightly spray or dampen a clean washcloth with the solution and dab the area, allowing it to soak in for 2-3 minutes. Then, gently blot away excess moisture before air drying the toy fully. Repeat as needed for tough, stuck-on gum remnants. Just take care not to over-saturate the interior or stuffing.

Sanitize the area gently

As a final step after removing stuck-on gum and residue, it’s wise to gently sanitize the area according to manufacturer guidelines before allowing a child to play with the cleaned stuffed animal again. 👍 This helps ensure any lingering oils, cleaning solution remnants or bacteria are eliminated.

For surface fabric sanitization, a gentle all-natural spray like thyme oil or diluted tea tree oil works well. Avoid harsh chemicals. Lightly mist the area from about 8 inches away, allow to dry fully, and aired out any scent before giving back to a child.

Method Details
Machine washing If the stuffed animal is machine washable, launder following instructions on tag using hot water to sanitize.
Hand washing Swish gently in a bowl with hot, soapy water. Rinse and air dry fully in sunlight.

For hand-wash only stuffed animals, a hot, gentle soapy bath can clean and disinfect the fabric surface. Allow to fully air dry afterward. Then it’s clean and ready for hugging again! 🤗


While getting gum out of stuffed animals takes patience, the right techniques can usually tackle even stubborn gum. Using cold, oils, or cleaning solutions weakens the gum over time. Then you can gently pick off or scrape away crumbs.

With some spot cleaning afterward, you can restore your plush pal while avoiding harm.

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