A whimsical photo captures a colorful bunch of Horton Hears a Who stuffed animals huddled together, their button eyes twinkling with joy and their floppy ears playfully drooping, creating a heartwarming scene.

Looking for a cuddly companion from the whimsical world of Dr. Seuss? Horton hears a who stuffed animals bring the invisible Whos to huggable life with their colorful designs and soft fabrics. If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: Popular horton hears a who plush toys include medium or large Horton himself, with his big floppy ears, as well as small Whos and their microscopic world sitting atop a clover.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll cover where to find horton hears a who stuffed animals, how to choose the right size and style, popular characters like Horton, Jojo, and the Mayor of Whoville, accessories like Truffula trees and clovers, customization options, price ranges, and care recommendations to keep your Seuss plush looking its best.

Where to Buy Official Horton Hears a Who Stuffed Toys

Dr. Seuss Online Store

The best place to find officially licensed Horton Hears a Who stuffed animals is the Dr. Seuss Online Store. They carry the full range of plush Horton plushes inspired by the classic book and movie. Prices range from $12.99 for a small 6” Horton up to a jumbo 20” version for $79.99.

The online store ships to the US and Canada.

Major Retailers: Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc.

In addition to the Seuss store, many major retailers sell Horton plushes and stuffed animals from licensees like Gund and Aurora. On Amazon, over two dozen different Horton options are available, with free Prime shipping on some. Prices start under $10.

Walmart and Target also carry Horton in their Dr. Seuss toy sections and online.

Specialty Toy Stores and Zoos

Specialty toy chains like Build-A-Bear Workshop have created custom Horton designs over the years. And zoos often sell Horton items in their gift shops, since he’s one of the most famous elephants in children’s literature!

For rare specialty Horton stuffed animals, local toy stores and zoos are great spots to check.

Custom Order Sites like Etsy

For one-of-a-kind Horton plush creations, Etsy artisans sell handmade, custom Horton designs. These often use higher-end materials than mass-produced store items. With custom listings, you can even request your own special Horton if an existing one doesn’t match what you’re imagining!

Just contact the seller with a description to get a custom quote. 😊

Most Popular Horton Hears a Who Plush Characters

Horton the Elephant

The star of the story, Horton is by far the most popular plush character from Horton Hears a Who. This kindhearted elephant has flappy ears, a long trunk, and a cute smile. Horton plushes come in sizes ranging from small 3-inch minis to jumbo 2-foot versions, perfect for cuddling or display.

Some even play audio clips of Horton’s signature phrases like “I meant what I said and I said what I meant” with the press of a button!

Jojo McDodd

Horton’s friend Jojo, the Mayor’s imaginative son, also makes an adorable plush. These Jojo stuffed animals typically show him as a furry yellow Who with wild hair wearing his special Thinking Cap he uses to come up with “thinks,” or ideas.

Fun fact: Jojo was voiced by Jesse McCartney in the 2008 movie!

The Mayor of Whoville

The panicky but good-hearted Mayor of Whoville is iconic with his tall black top hat and old-fashioned clothes. Mayor plushes are always smiling and often have posable arms and legs. Did you know the Mayor was voiced by the legendary Steve Carell in the film?

These cute Mayor stuffed animals make a great gift for fans of his humor.

Mickey and Minnie Whos

Mickey and Minnie are adorable rodent Whos who appear very briefly in the book but play a bigger role in the movie. You can find plush dolls of both Mickey with his construction helmet and Minnie with her cute bow and skirt. Kids love matching Mickey and Minnie plush sets.

In the film, they were brought to life by Seth Rogen and Jessica DiCicco.

Other Supporting Whos

Some less common Horton plush characters include:

  • Rudy, Jojo’s fun-loving best friend
  • Dr. Mary Lou Larue, the zany Whoville teacher
  • The Wickershams, the mischievous jungle monkeys
  • Morton the Elephant Bird, who doesn’t believe in Whos

While not as widespread as Horton or Jojo plushes, you can find adorable plush dolls of these and other characters with some searching. They make excellent, unique collectibles or gifts for mega-fans.

Character Fun Fact
Jojo Named after Dr. Seuss’s son Theo Geisel, who went by “Teddy” or “Jojo”
Mayor Modelled his voice after politician Ross Perot
Mickey His singing voice was autotuned to sound like Alvin and the Chipmunks

So whether you want a cuddly jumbo 2-foot Horton, an adorable Jojo McDodd, or a unique Rudy or Wickersham, there is a wide world of Horton Hears a Who plush characters to explore!

Truffula Trees, Clovers, and Other Accessories

What’s a Horton without his beloved Truffula tree? These crazy, colorful trees with fluffy tufts are a must-have accessory for any Horton Hears a Who stuffed animal collection. Build your own miniature forest of Truffula trees to keep Horton happy and give him plenty of specky specky specks to protect.

Truffula Tree Plush Toys

You can find super-soft plush Truffula tree toys that are perfect for imaginative play. These come in a variety of colors like pink, blue, and yellow. The tufts on the trees are made of silky fabric that feels pleasing to touch.

Your little one will love pulling Horton over to nuzzle in the Truffula tufts!

Height Features
18 inches Colorful fabric tufts, squishy stuffed trunk
24 inches Slightly larger size, embroidered details

They also make great photo props. Pose your Horton stuffed animal next to a Truffula tree with a “Here I am” sign. Adorable! 😊

Felt Truffula Trees

For more durable play, opt for handmade felt Truffula trees. These maintain their shape better than plush toys and are less prone to pilling. Felt trees have vivid colors and come in a spectacular rainbow hue. Use them to build out Whoville or decorate a Horton play area.

An extra perk is that many felt Truffula tree makers offer custom sizes and color options. You can request giants Truffula trees over 3 feet for an eye-catching centerpiece!

DIY Truffula Tufts

If you’re crafty, have fun making your own Truffula tufts. All you need is colorful yarn or fabric strips. Simply tie the strips tightly onto bare tree branches you collected. This nature-inspired project brings the magic of The Lorax to life. Display your DIY Truffulas proudly alongside Horton!

Other Fun Accessories

Look for Horton’s iconic three-balled clover with the shining speck too. They make precious props for story time and play pretend. Add plastic Easter eggs to represent the Whos’ world or mini flower crowns for whimsical flair.

You can also find Who villages, instant Truffula tree backdrops, and Lorax signs (forest closed!) to round out your stuffed animal collection. With adorable accessories, the possibilities for imagination and adventure are endless!

Sizes for Horton Plush Toys: Small, Medium and Large Options

When selecting a Horton the Elephant plush toy from the beloved Dr. Seuss book and movie “Horton Hears a Who!”, one of the most important decisions is which size to choose. Horton stuffed animals come in a range of sizes to suit anyone from tiny toddlers to full-grown adults.

Small Horton Plush Toys

The smallest Horton plushes measure about 10 inches tall. These cute and cuddly stuffed animals are perfectly sized for little hands to wrap around. Small Hortons are ideal for babies and toddlers to squeeze and snuggle up with at naptime or bedtime.

In addition to the 10-inch size, some manufacturers offer mini microbean plush keychains measuring just 3 to 4 inches tall. These tiny Hortons easily attach to a backpack or baby stroller for an adorable on-the-go companion.

Medium Horton Plush Toys

For bigger kids and adults who still enjoy plush toys, medium-sized Hortons usually stand around 15 to 20 inches tall. These Handfuls of Horton are big enough to hug while still being totally huggable.

According to consumer research polls, the 15-inch size is the most popular with children ages 3 to 8. And no wonder – not too big and not too small, it’s just right for kids to carry around the house or take in the car.

Large Horton Plush Toys

On the larger end, jumbo Horton stuffed elephants can measure up to four feet tall! These life-sized plush pals are incredibly soft and perfect for huge Dr. Seuss fans to display in their bedrooms or living rooms.

In fact, nearly 35% of consumers who purchased a jumbo Horton plush were adults buying it for themselves rather than for a child. And who can blame them? These supersized snugglers make awesome decorative accents and cozy naptime companions.

Size Height Best Suited For
Small 10 inches Babies, toddlers
Medium 15-20 inches Kids ages 3-8, adults
Large Up to 4 feet Older kids, adults, decor

No matter if you select a pocket-sized mini Horton or a larger-than-life jumbo, one thing’s for sure – Horton plush toys make pactastic playtime pals and cuddly snuggle buddies! With so many squeezable sizes to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect plush companion.

Customization Services: Personalize with Names, Clothing etc.

One of the best things about Horton Hears a Who stuffed animals is that many retailers offer fabulous customization options to make your Horton truly unique. From personalized names to customized clothing, you have tons of ways to create a special long-eared friend just for your little one.

Embroidered Names

Many major retailers like Build-A-Bear Workshop and Vermont Teddy Bear offer name embroidery services. Imagine your child’s delight when they receive their very own Horton with their name stitched onto the paw or foot!

Not only is it an adorable personal touch, but it also helps avoid mix-ups for kids who bring their Horton to school or on playdates. 😊

Custom Outfits

From Jojo’s bow for girls to Doctor Horton scrubs and stethoscope for budding medical professionals, the outfit possibilities are endless! Many retailers sell Horton clothing like t-shirts, dresses, and jammies. Or get creative and customize a unique costume just for your child.

Some retailers even offer an online Outfit Builder tool to envision your one-of-a-kind Horton fashion creation before you buy. 👗

Special Occasion Outfits

Is there a special occasion coming up you want to celebrate? Many retailers offer festive handmade outfits perfect for birthdays, holidays, graduations and more. From party hats and tutus to caps and gowns, you can dress your Horton up nicely to join in the fun!

🎉 These special outfits will become cherished mementoes marking meaningful milestones as your child grows up.

Custom Sounds

Some retailers offer sound customization services where you can record a special 10-second message for your Horton to play back in your own voice whenever your child squeezes its hand. Imagine the emotional impact of a custom “I love you” greeting from a traveling parent or grandparent.

What a treasured keepsake! You could also get creative and record funny sounds or phrases to make your kid laugh. The customization possibilities are endless.

With so many personalization options available from top retailers, you can create a truly one-of-a-kind Horton Hears a Who stuffed animal that your child will cherish for years to come. From embroidered names to custom outfits and sounds, the options let your creativity run wild! 🎨

Price Ranges: Budget to Collectible Horton Stuffed Animals

Horton the elephant from Horton Hears a Who! makes for an adorable stuffed animal that can be a cute decoration or a huggable friend. Horton stuffed animals come in a wide range of prices to suit different budgets.

Budget-Friendly Horton Stuffed Animals Under $20

For those shopping on a budget, there are many reasonably priced Horton stuffed animals available:

  • Small 8-10 inch Horton plush toys typically range from $5-15 at retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart.
  • Well-made, soft budget Horton plush toys often cost around $10-20 on sites like Etsy where crafters sell handmade items.
  • During sales events, prices may dip even lower. Around the holidays, Horton stuffed animals tend to see discounts.

Mid-Range Collectible Horton Stuffed Animals $20-$60

In the mid-range price point, shoppers can find more durable, detailed Hortons with more premium materials and designs:

  • Larger 12-18 inch Hortons with embroidered features tend to range $20-40 from brands like Aurora, Commonwealth, and Gund.
  • Posable Horton stuffed animals with bendable limbs allowing you to place him in different positions cost approximately $25-45.
  • Musical Hortons that play songs from the iconic Dr. Seuss tale when you squeeze them run $30-60.

Collectible Designer Horton Stuffed Animals $60+

For animation fans and serious collectors, there are high-end Hortons made by leading toy designers with premium details and materials:

  • Large 18+ inch Jumbo Hortons featuring realistic fur fabrics, quality embroidered facial features, poseable arms/legs, and crushable toes cost $60+. Popular designers like Gund and Commonwealth offer collectible Hortons in this price range.
  • Handmade polymer clay Horton figurines with incredible lifelike detail painted by artisans sell for $75-300+ on Etsy.
  • Signed limited edition Hortons certified as authentic by Seuss Enterprises range into the hundreds depending on rarity.

Whether you’re looking for a cute budget mini Horton or a museum-quality collectors piece, there are lovable options at all prices to add this unforgettable elephant who speaks for the Whos to your home!

Caring for Horton and Whoville Plush: Cleaning Tips

Keeping your beloved Horton and Whoville stuffed animals clean is key to preserving them for years to come. Follow these handy care and cleaning guidelines to keep the Whos of Whoville looking vibrant.

General Cleaning Tips

Most Horton plush toys have surface-washable fabrics, making light cleaning a breeze. For basic upkeep between deep cleans:

  • Use a lint roller or soft-bristle brush to remove dust and debris.
  • Spot clean minor stains with a damp cloth and mild soap.
  • Allow to fully air dry before storing or re-displaying.

Deep Cleaning Solutions

Every few months, give your Horton a more thorough cleaning to keep his appearance fresh. Choose a method based on your plush toy’s fabric and construction:

Cleaning Method When to Use
Hand wash in cool water with mild detergent Safe for most surface-washable plush
Spot clean tough stains with upholstery cleaner For oil-based stains on durable fabrics
Professional dry cleaning For delicate fabrics and limited edition plushes

Regardless of technique, always check tag instructions first and test cleaners on an inconspicuous area before treating the entire toy. Allow plushes to fully air dry before storing to prevent mold or mildew.

Display and Storage

The right display and storage methods also keeps Whoville critters looking their best:

  • Avoid direct sunlight to prevent fading.
  • Use unscented products near plush to limit fabric yellowing.
  • Store in breathable containers, not airtight bags.
  • Consider archival plastic boxes or acid-free tissue paper for collectibles.
  • Wash hands before handling to minimize dirt transfer.

With some basic care and attention, your Horton Hearts a Who playthings can remain in great shape while preserving fond memories. Just a sprinkle of love and a dollop of cleaning keeps these sweet plush pals from getting worn down!


With their endearing faces and soft huggable bodies, horton hears a who stuffed animals make whimsical additions to kids’ rooms or Seuss displays. This guide covered the most popular places to buy the cuddly Dr. Seuss plush toys, key details like sizes and prices, customization options to make them extra special, and care recommendations.

Whether you’re looking for a Horton elephant with fuzzy red socks or a microscopic Who to perch on your desk, there is a stuffed animal out there calling your name in the jungle of Nool!

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