A whimsical photo capturing a Niffler stuffed animal amidst a magical forest, surrounded by vibrant foliage and sparkling fairy lights, inviting viewers into the enchanting world of "Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

Nifflers are cute, platypus-like creatures from the Fantastic Beasts film series with a magpie-like attraction to anything shiny. Their amusing antics have made niffler stuffed animals a popular gift and collectible for fans of the Wizarding World.

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: The best places to find high-quality fantastic beasts niffler stuffed animals are the Noble Collection, the Warner Brothers Studio Tour gift shop, and reputable online retailers like Amazon and eBay.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll discuss where you can find niffler plush toys, key characteristics to look for in a high-quality stuffed niffler, and provide an overview of some of the top options on the market right now.

Where to Buy Niffler Stuffed Animals

The Noble Collection

The Noble Collection is one of the best places to purchase an official Fantastic Beasts Niffler stuffed animal. They carry

  • an adorable 12-inch plush Niffler
  • a mini 4-inch keychain Niffler
  • and a super soft fleece baby Niffler blanket
  • .

    The quality and detail put into Noble Collection’s Niffler plushes is exceptional, making them a fantastic gift for any Wizarding World fan. Their shipping and customer service are also top notch.

    Warner Brothers Studio Tour Gift Shop

    Fans visiting the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London can stop by the gift shop to purchase exclusive Niffler items like a fluffy 13-inch plush and apparel featuring the cute treasure-hunting creature.

    The unique souvenirs found in the shop serve as special mementos for the magical studio tour experience. Just be prepared to wrestle your new stuffed pal away from any sparkling jewelry! 😂

    Online Retailers

    Major online stores like Amazon and Target offer a variety of affordable Niffler stuffed animals and toys as well. Amazon sells best-selling 5-inch and 11-inch Niffler plushies, while Target has an adorable Niffler light-up pillow that’s perfect for bedtime.

    There’s usually a nice selection of sizes and styles to choose from. The convenience of shopping online makes these retailers’ Niffler stuffed animals options great!

    Retailer Niffler Items Price Range Shipping
    Noble Collection Plush toys, blankets, keychains $$ Fast shipping
    WB Studio Tour Exclusive plush & apparel $$$ In-person only
    Online stores Plushies, pillows, toys $ – $$ Free – fast shipping

    So whether you visit The Noble Collection online, make a trip to the Warner Brothers Studio in London, or convenience shop at your favorite retailer’s website – there are lots of great places to find a cute stuffed Niffler! 👍 These snuffly, jewel-obsessed magical creatures make perfect gifts and souvenirs for young wizards and witches of all ages to add to their collections.

    What to Look for in a Quality Niffler Plush

    Accurate Appearance

    When choosing a Niffler stuffed animal, you’ll want one that accurately resembles the creature from the Fantastic Beasts films. Key features to look for include a pointy snout, large front paws perfect for digging up treasures, and a coat of black, fluffy fur.

    The body shape should be rounded and compact – picture a cross between a mole and a platypus! Large, expressive eyes and oversized ears flopped over to show the pink insides are also signature Niffler characteristics.

    Fans will appreciate a plush that captures the cute but messy look of these treasure-hoarding beasts.

    Soft Materials

    A quality Niffler plushie should be soft and cuddly. Many manufacturers use super-soft plush fabrics made of polyester or acrylic piles for a luxe feel. When you hug your Niffler stuffie, it should feel pillowy and cozy against your skin.

    The fur should also be thick and dense, adding to the soft texture. Whether on your shelf or in your bed, your magical creature pal should be inviting to touch and handle. And don’t forget – be sure to check that all embellishment details like eyes or accessories are securely fastened and made of kid-safe materials.

    Good Craftsmanship

    Along with premium fabrics, the best Niffler stuffed toys also boast excellent craftsmanship. Look for neat, tight seams, a firm stuffed body that regains shape (not lumpy! ), and clean details on the face, hands, feet and any sculpted elements like scales or spines.

    Avoid toys with loose threads, uneven proportions or shoddy attachments. High production values elevate the design and help it look like a miniature version of Newt Scamander’s beloved pal. And good construction means your plushie will withstand many magical adventures to come!

    Niffler Plush Feature What Makes It Great
    Fur Texture Silky, fluffy, pleasing to pet
    Facial Details Expressive eyes, pink nose and ears
    Body Shape Rounded, compact, digger-ready
    Paw Pads Cushiony, helps it stand
    Pose Playful, often holding “treasure”

    Finding a fantastical Niffler stuffed animal that looks like it just scampered out of the movie screen is a joy for any Harry Potter fan. With some key considerations around appearance, materials and construction quality, you’re sure to dig up toy treasure!

    Top Niffler Stuffed Toys

    Noble Collection 14-Inch Plush

    This super soft and cuddly Niffler plushie from the Noble Collection is a must-have for any Fantastic Beasts fan! At 14 inches tall, this large stuffed animal is the perfect size for playtime, impromptu niffling treasure hunts, or squeezing tight as you stream the movies.

    Amazon reviewers rate it highly, saying it’s well constructed and looks just like the Niffler from the films.

    Features that make this stuffed toy stand out include:

    • Super cuddly and soft plush fabric
    • Cute pouch design for holding treasures
    • Claw and Nose features finished with felt accents
    • 50+ Five-star reviews

    So if you’re seeking a high quality and huggable Niffler companion, the Noble Collection Plush is easily one of the best options available.

    ickyPlush 24-Inch Jumbo Niffler

    At a whopping 24 inches tall, this jumbo Niffler plushie from ickyPlush on Etsy is quite possibly the most fun and silly Niffler stuffy you’ll come across. Its extra large size makes it perfect for toddlers and young kids to play with, but even grown-up fans are sure to smile whenever they see this stuffed troublemaker around the house.

    Details setting the ickyPlush Niffler apart include:

    • Handmade from minky fabric for unbelievable softness
    • Polyester fiber filled for comfortable and long lasting plushness
    • Adorable snoot and hands/feet details for lifelike accuracy
    • Realistic and durable design by talented Etsy seller

    So if you’re looking for a showstopping Niffler plush that will be the talk of all your Fantastic Beasts loving friends, grab this delightful jumbo version from Etsy shop ickyPlush.

    Wild Republic Cuddlekins Plush

    The Wild Republic Niffler Cuddlekins stuffed animal offers another snuggly option for HP fans seeking quality plush companions. As part of Wild Republic’s signature Cuddlekins line featuring cute baby animal designs, this Niffler stuffy has the softest, high-pile plush fabric you’ll find – perfect for daily cuddles and cuteness overload.

    Benefits making this a leading Niffler pick include:

    • 12 inches tall for great huggability
    • Super soft, velvety plush exterior
    • Safety tested for all ages
    • Trusted Wild Republic brand quality

    So for a Niffler stuffed animal that feels like it just left the burrow, grab this squeezably soft option from Wild Republic’s beloved Cuddlekins lineup.

    Noble Collection Plush ickyPlush Jumbo Wild Republic Cuddlekins
    Size 14 inches 24 inches 12 inches
    Fabric Plush Minky Ultra soft plush
    Fill Material Polyester fiber Polyester fiber Polyester fiber
    Age All ages 3+ All ages


    With their cute appearance and lovable personalities, nifflers have become a breakout star from the Fantastic Beasts films. For fans eager to have their own adorable treasure hunter, high-quality niffler stuffed animals can be ideal gifts and collectibles.

    By knowing the top places to shop and what attributes make for a good plush, you can find captivating niffler stuffed animals to delight Wizarding World fans of all ages.

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