A close-up shot showcasing a perfectly crafted Sully stuffed animal with intricate details, capturing its vibrant blue fur, expressive eyes, and huggable size, making it the best companion for any Monsters, Inc. fan.
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When it comes to finding the perfect Sully stuffed animal from the Disney Pixar classic Monsters Inc., there are a few key factors to consider before making your purchase. You'll want to think about size, quality of materials, attention to detail in design, and overall authenticity to the beloved character’s on-screen appearance.

Does size matter when picking out a Sully toy? What fabric and stitching quality should you look for? Will it realistically capture Sully’s endearing personality? Asking these questions ahead of time can help ensure you select a Sully stuffed animal that lives up to your expectations. Ultimately, choosing the toy that delightfully reflects what fans admired about the furry, doting monster on screen comes down to personal preferences.

By taking the time to determine which attributes hold the most importance before adding a soft Sully figure to your collection, you’ll be more assured of finding one perfect for you or any Monsters Inc. enthusiast.

10 Best Sully Stuffed Animal

# Product Image Product Name Product Notes Check Price
The product is ideal for Disney Pixar fans looking for a high-quality and ultra-soft Sulley plush toy.
The product is ideal for fans of Monsters, Inc who love to cuddle with a soft Sulley plush toy.
The product is ideal for fans of Monsters Inc. and Disney Monsters University who want a cuddly Sulley stuffed animal.
The product is ideal for Monsters Inc fans looking for a soft and cuddly pillow buddy.
The product is ideal for children aged 3 years and up who want a cute and comforting night light.
The product is ideal for cozy and playful feet, perfect for toddlers, kids, and adults as a costume footwear.
The product is ideal for kids who love stuffed animals and eco-friendly toys made from recycled materials.
The product is ideal for children aged 3 years and up who love Disney and Pixar animated films.
The product is ideal for fans of Monsters Inc. looking for a cuddly and iconic Sully plush toy.
The product is ideal for kids who are fans of Monsters University and want a cozy, soft blanket.
The product is ideal for Disney Pixar fans looking for a high-quality and ultra-soft Sulley plush toy.
The product is ideal for fans of Monsters, Inc who love to cuddle with a soft Sulley plush toy.
The product is ideal for fans of Monsters Inc. and Disney Monsters University who want a cuddly Sulley stuffed animal.
The product is ideal for Monsters Inc fans looking for a soft and cuddly pillow buddy.
The product is ideal for children aged 3 years and up who want a cute and comforting night light.
The product is ideal for cozy and playful feet, perfect for toddlers, kids, and adults as a costume footwear.
The product is ideal for kids who love stuffed animals and eco-friendly toys made from recycled materials.
The product is ideal for children aged 3 years and up who love Disney and Pixar animated films.
The product is ideal for fans of Monsters Inc. looking for a cuddly and iconic Sully plush toy.
The product is ideal for kids who are fans of Monsters University and want a cozy, soft blanket.

1. Squishmallows Official Jazwares Plush 14" Sulley – Disney Pixar Ultrasoft Stuffed Animal Plush Toy

I recently purchased Boo from Amazon and I must say, I am quite satisfied with my purchase. The delivery was prompt, arriving a day earlier than expected, which was a pleasant surprise. The quality of Boo is great, although I did notice that the purple parts of the squishmallow are not as soft as the rest of the toy. However, overall, I would still recommend it.

As a huge fan of Boo, this stuffed animal has quickly become my all-time favorite. Being an avid collector of cute squishmallows, I was thrilled to find this particular Boo merchandise on Amazon. The size of the toy exceeded my expectations, it's bigger than I imagined, and I couldn't be happier with it. The availability of Boo merchandise is quite limited, so finding this gem brought me immense joy. If you're a fan of Boo like me, I highly recommend getting this squishmallow before it becomes hard to find. It may even have a high resale value in the future.

I purchased Boo as a comfort item for myself during a difficult time, and it proved to be exactly what I needed. The act of hugging this stuffed animal releases serotonin in my brain, instantly making me feel better and reducing my stress levels. I have made it a habit to sleep with Boo every night, and it has become a cherished part of my bedtime routine. Despite being a 25-year-old adult, I proudly admit that this stuffed animal brings me immense comfort. It would also make a wonderful gift for children or anyone in need of a soft, comfy, and cute companion.

I absolutely love this squishmallow. It is incredibly soft, and its size exceeded my expectations. I purchased it as a surprise gift for my wife, and I am certain she will adore it. The plushness and comfort of this toy make it perfect for cuddling and snuggling, providing a sense of warmth and security.

2. Monsters, Inc. Sulley Teddy: Classic 10-Inch Plush

The Monster Inc. plush toy is absolutely adorable and perfect for any little girl who loves the movie. It is incredibly soft and cuddly, making it the ideal companion for bedtime or playtime. The attention to detail is impeccable, as it looks exactly like the picture. This well-made product is sure to bring joy and excitement to any child who receives it as a gift. It is the perfect size for hugging and snuggling, and its softness adds an extra level of comfort. Whether it's for a birthday or just because, this Monster Inc. plush toy is a fantastic choice that will surely make any child smile.

3. Pillow Pets Monsters Inc 16" Sulley Stuffed Animal, Disney Monsters University Plush Toy, Blue

I recently purchased a Pillow Pet for my daughter's dog and I must say, it has become his favorite toy. He carries it from room to room and doesn't like to share it with anyone else. One thing that impressed me about this Pillow Pet is its durability. In the past, my daughter's dog would often destroy his toys by removing any hard pieces, but with this Pillow Pet, that hasn't been an issue. The eyes are still intact and it hasn't lost any stuffing, despite being well-loved by Bennett.

Not only is this Pillow Pet loved by the dog, but my daughter also adores it. I bought it as a gift for my cousin's 3-year-old daughter and she absolutely loves it. The Pillow Pet is incredibly soft and comfortable, making it the perfect companion for bedtime or even when traveling. Its portability is another plus point, as it is easy to carry around wherever you go.

I was also pleased with the packaging of this product. It was cute and greatly done, adding to the overall appeal of the Pillow Pet. My granddaughter, who received this as a gift, finds it adorable and enjoys playing with it.

4. Monsters Inc. James Sullivan Pillow Buddy – Super Soft

The Elmo and Cookie Monster stuffed toys are well-made and have a soft, squishy texture, making them perfect as pillows or companions. They were purchased for an adult special needs grandson who loved them, making it a great buy.

The Cars-themed stuffed toy is loved by a 3-year-old, despite it looking a bit knock-off. However, it is still worth purchasing if your child is a fan of Cars.

The monster truck pillow is a big hit with a child. It resembles his favorite monster truck and is perfect for bedtime. The stitching is good, and it offers endless possibilities for fun. Highly recommended.

The doll looks amazing, and the package box was opened carefully to save it. It reminds the reviewer of a show their mom used to watch on Netflix. However, the doll is not as soft as expected, especially its face. Overall, it is still satisfactory.

5. Star Belly Dream Lites: Glowing Kitty Night Light

I recently purchased the toy shark projection night light for my son and I must say, it has exceeded my expectations. This is truly one of the best gift ideas for children. Not only is the toy shark soft, cute, and cuddly, but it also serves a functional purpose. The ceiling display is bright and powerful, allowing for easy color changes with just a click of a button.

One of the features that pleasantly surprised me is the rotating projected images. It provides a slow-paced ceiling show that is both cute and relaxing, even for adults like myself. As someone who used to suffer from insomnia and fear of the dark as a child, I wish I had something like this to comfort me. It has significantly reduced my son's fear of sleeping alone, allowing him to feel safe and protected with his fierce light-up shark by his side.

I am so impressed with this product that I have decided to order more for my friend's children as well. This night light has completely replaced the traditional nightlight in my son's room. The ease of use and the calming effect it has on him is truly remarkable. I can confidently say that this toy shark projection night light is a game-changer for children who struggle with nightmares and night terrors.

One of the features that I appreciate the most is the 10-minute automatic shutoff. This ensures that if my daughter accidentally falls asleep with it on, it won't drain the battery. Additionally, if she wakes up in the middle of the night, she can easily turn it back on herself and snuggle it back to sleep. The sound it makes is not obnoxious at all; in fact, it adds to the soothing effect and helps her fall asleep faster. I even find myself dozing off to the calming sounds and lights.

6. Colorful Unicorn Grizzly Bear Claw Paw Slippers

I recently purchased a pair of these slippers and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed. The sizing was spot on for me, as I have a foot exactly 13 inches long and the XL size fit perfectly. However, I do have some reservations about how well these slippers would fit someone with larger feet.

In terms of comfort, these slippers are top-notch. The inside is incredibly soft, providing a cozy and comfortable experience with every step. Additionally, the traction on the bottom of the slippers is excellent, ensuring stability and preventing any accidental slips.

One aspect that stood out to me was the ease of washing these slippers. They are machine washable, making it convenient to keep them clean and fresh.

Furthermore, the animal prints on these slippers are a fun and playful touch. Kids especially seem to love them, making them a hit in my household.

7. Dusk The Eco-Friendly Monsterkin: Plush Greets Imaginations.

I am extremely impressed with the softness and fluffiness of this product. The quality is top-notch and it is the perfect size. It far exceeded my expectations and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

The size of this item is great and it is incredibly cute. The quality is also very good, which adds to its overall appeal. I am very satisfied with this product.

Although my 2-year-old grandson initially showed some fear towards this 3-eyed monster pet, he quickly warmed up to it with the help of his parents. Now, he absolutely loves it and enjoys playing with it.

I bought this for my 5-year-old grandson's monster birthday party and it was a huge hit! He absolutely adores it, especially because of how soft it is. The quality of the product is exceptional and I am glad I made this purchase.

8. Disney And Pixar Movie Favorites Plush, Soft Toys Based On Animated Films For Kids 3 Yrs And Up

My children absolutely adore Monsters, so when I got them this toy, they couldn't have been happier! It has become their constant companion, and they never seem to put it down.

One of the things that impressed me the most about this toy is the price. At just $10, it is an absolute steal. Considering the high quality and durability of the toy, I can't believe it is so affordable.

Speaking of quality, I was pleasantly surprised by the craftsmanship of this toy. It is very well made, and you can tell that a lot of attention to detail went into its creation. The stitching is strong, and the materials used are of excellent quality.

When the toy arrived, I was instantly smitten. It quickly became one of my favorite characters as well. The high quality and attention to detail were evident from the moment I laid eyes on it.

I am so impressed with this toy that I would not hesitate to purchase it again. In fact, I am considering buying some as gifts for my friends and family. I am confident that they will love it just as much as my kids and I do.

Lastly, I must mention that this toy was the perfect addition to my Halloween costume. It completed my look and added a fun element to my outfit. It has also become my son's favorite stuffed animal, which is an added bonus.

9. Disney Pixar Sully Plush – Iconic Cuddly Toy!

The Sully plush toy is a hit with both children and adults alike. Despite the higher price point, the quality of the toy is excellent, making it worth the investment. The eyes are perfectly crafted, and the plush itself is incredibly soft, making it a comforting companion for children. The size of the toy is also appropriate for a 3-year-old, ensuring that it is not too large or cumbersome for them to carry around.

Some reviewers initially had concerns after reading reviews, but they were pleasantly surprised by the product. This indicates that the toy surpasses expectations and delivers on its promises. It is highly recommended for any Monsters Inc fans who are looking for a top-notch stuffed animal.

Even those who are not typically fans of plushies or stuffed animals find themselves smitten with the Sully plush. Its charm and appeal are undeniable, making it a favorite among both children and adults. The softness of the plush and the attention to detail in its design make it irresistible to anyone who has a soft spot for Sully.

Parents of young children who are obsessed with Monsters Inc and Monsters University will find this Sully plush to be a perfect gift. Its softness and size make it a great companion for their little ones, ensuring hours of imaginative play and comfort. The plush is also of great quality, providing peace of mind for parents who want a durable and safe toy for their children.

While some reviewers expected the plush to be larger, their disappointment was quickly overshadowed by the joy their children experienced upon receiving the toy. The plush's softness and high-quality material make up for any size discrepancies, making it a top choice for parents and children alike.

10. Monsters University Sherpa Blanket – Super Soft & Fuzzy

I recently purchased the Spider-Man blanket for my son and I couldn't be happier with my purchase. The quality of the blanket is exceptional and the attention to detail in the sewing is impressive. My son absolutely loves it and it has quickly become his favorite blanket. The 3D graphics are a nice touch and add an extra element of excitement for him. Not only is the blanket visually appealing, but it is also incredibly soft and cozy. My son insists on sleeping with it every night.

I was also pleased with the size of the blanket. It is the perfect size for a child, measuring 50" x 60". This sherpa blanket provides warmth and comfort, making it ideal for snuggling up with on chilly nights. The fact that it is well-made gives me confidence that it will withstand the test of time and continue to be a beloved item in my son's collection.

Another aspect that I appreciate about this blanket is the price. It is reasonably priced for the quality and durability that it offers. I even managed to purchase it at a discounted price, which allowed me to buy additional items from my son's wish list. This makes it a great option for those looking to get the most value for their money.

The vibrant colors and crisp image of Spider-Man on the blanket are truly impressive. The design is eye-catching and my baby absolutely adores it. The high-quality materials used in the blanket make it soft and gentle against my baby's skin. I am also pleased to report that the blanket held up perfectly in the washer and dryer, maintaining its softness and vibrant colors.

In addition to being a great addition to my son's room, this blanket also makes for a wonderful gift. Its cute design, excellent quality, and versatility (can be used as a throw or a comforter for a toddler) make it a practical and thoughtful gift option.


Are there any limited edition or collector's edition Sully stuffed animals available?

Yes, there are limited edition and collector's edition Sully stuffed animals available. One popular example is the "Disney Pixar Monsters, Inc. Sully Collector's Edition Plush" which was released to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the film.

This particular plush features highly detailed and premium quality materials, making it a valuable addition to any Monsters, Inc. fan's collection. Other limited edition Sully stuffed animals may also be available from time to time, often in conjunction with special events or anniversaries related to the movie.

It is recommended to check official Disney merchandise stores or reputable online retailers for the latest offerings. Additionally, collectors may also find rare and exclusive Sully plush toys through online marketplaces or auctions dedicated to Disney memorabilia.

Are there any Sully plush toys that are machine washable for easy cleaning?

Yes, there are Sully plush toys available in the market that are machine washable for easy cleaning. Many manufacturers understand the importance of keeping these toys clean and have designed them to be washable without compromising their quality.

When purchasing a Sully plush toy, it is advisable to check the product description or packaging for information regarding its care instructions. Look for toys that explicitly mention machine washability.

Additionally, it is recommended to follow the specific washing instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the longevity and softness of the plush toy. If you are unable to find a machine washable Sully plush toy, an alternative suggestion would be to consider using a mild detergent and spot cleaning the toy with a damp cloth.

Are there any Sully plush toys that come with additional features such as sound effects or interactive elements?

Yes, there are Sully plush toys available in the market that come with additional features such as sound effects or interactive elements. These plush toys are designed to bring more fun and interactivity to the playtime experience.

They often have built-in speakers that produce sound effects when squeezed or pressed. The sound effects can range from character phrases to iconic movie sounds. Some Sully plush toys also come with interactive elements such as sensors that respond to touch or motion.

These interactive features allow the plush toy to interact with the child, creating a more engaging and immersive playtime experience. If you are interested in purchasing a Sully plush toy with additional features, I would recommend checking online retailers or toy stores that offer a wide range of Disney or Monsters, Inc. merchandise.

Are there any Sully stuffed animals specifically designed for infants or young children?

Yes, there are Sully stuffed animals that are specifically designed for infants and young children. These plush toys are often made with soft and safe materials, ensuring that they are suitable for young kids to cuddle and play with.

They usually feature a friendly and adorable design of Sully, the lovable monster character from the movie "Monsters, Inc." These Sully stuffed animals for infants and young children are typically designed to be lightweight and easy to grip, making them ideal for little hands.

They are also often machine washable, which is convenient for parents as it allows for easy cleaning. When choosing a Sully stuffed animal for a young child, it's always important to ensure that the toy meets safety standards and is appropriate for their age range.

Can you recommend a reliable online retailer where I can purchase the best Sully stuffed animal?

Certainly! One reputable online retailer where you can purchase a reliable and high-quality Sully stuffed animal is Amazon. Amazon offers a wide range of products from various sellers, giving you a greater chance of finding the best Sully stuffed animal that meets your requirements.

Moreover, Amazon has a robust review system, allowing you to read feedback from other customers who have already purchased the product. This can help you gauge the reliability and quality of the Sully stuffed animal before making a purchase.

Additionally, Amazon provides detailed product descriptions, multiple product images, and often offers competitive prices. Overall, Amazon is a reliable and convenient online retailer for purchasing a Sully stuffed animal.

What are the top-rated Sully stuffed animals currently available in the market?

There are several top-rated Sully stuffed animals available in the market that are loved by both children and fans of Monsters Inc. One highly rated option is the Disney Pixar Monsters Inc. Large Sully Plush Toy.

This plush toy stands at approximately 16 inches tall and features the iconic blue fur and friendly face of Sully. It is made of high-quality materials, ensuring durability and softness. Another top-rated option is the Disney Store Sully Plush Toy.

This plush toy is slightly smaller, measuring around 12 inches, but it still captures the charm and likeness of Sully perfectly. It is also made with attention to detail and offers a soft and cuddly experience.

Both of these options receive positive feedback for their quality craftsmanship, accurate representation of the character, and overall appeal.

What materials are used to make the best Sully stuffed animals, ensuring both durability and softness?

The best Sully stuffed animals are typically made using a combination of high-quality materials to ensure both durability and softness. One common material used is polyester fiberfill, which provides a soft and cuddly feel while also being resilient and long-lasting.

This material helps the stuffed animal maintain its shape and withstand regular play and handling.

In addition to polyester fiberfill, the outer covering of the Sully stuffed animal is usually made from a plush fabric such as polyester or velboa. These materials are known for their softness and comfort, making them ideal for a cuddly toy.

They are also durable and resistant to wear and tear, ensuring that the Sully stuffed animal can withstand rough play without losing its softness or shape.

To further enhance durability, some Sully stuffed animals may also have reinforced stitching or double stitching in high-stress areas. This helps prevent any tears or seams from coming apart, making the stuffed animal more durable and long-lasting.

Overall, the combination of high-quality polyester fiberfill, plush fabric, and reinforced stitching ensures that the Sully stuffed animals are both soft and durable, providing children and fans with a huggable and long-lasting toy.

What size options are available for Sully stuffed animals?

Sully stuffed animals come in a range of sizes to suit different preferences and needs. The available size options for Sully stuffed animals typically include small, medium, and large. The small size is usually around 10-12 inches in height, making it perfect for cuddling and carrying around.

The medium size is slightly larger, usually measuring around 15-18 inches, providing a good balance between huggability and portability. For those looking for a bigger companion, the large size Sully stuffed animal is often around 20-24 inches tall.

This size is great for display, snuggling, and can make a statement in any room. Ultimately, the size choice depends on personal preference and the intended use of the stuffed animal.

Which Sully plush toy is considered the most realistic in terms of its appearance?

The Sully plush toy that is considered the most realistic in terms of its appearance is the "Disney Parks Monsters University Sulley Plush." This plush toy is designed to closely resemble the character Sully from the movie Monsters University.

It features a high level of detail, including accurate facial features, vibrant colors, and soft, plush fur that mimics Sully's unique look. The Disney Parks plush toys are known for their quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, making them popular among collectors and fans alike.

If you're looking for a Sully plush toy that captures the essence of the character, this specific toy would be a great choice.

Which Sully plush toy offers the best value for its price?

When it comes to determining the best value for a Sully plush toy, several factors should be considered. Firstly, the quality of the plush toy is crucial. Look for a Sully plush that is made from soft and durable materials, ensuring it will withstand regular playtime.

Additionally, check for any additional features such as sound effects or movable parts that can enhance the play experience.

Furthermore, consider the size of the plush toy. A larger Sully plush might offer more value as it provides a more substantial presence and can be used for cuddling or as a decorative item. However, if portability is a concern, a smaller-sized Sully plush may be more suitable.

Lastly, comparing prices across different retailers can help determine the best value. While it is important to consider the cost, it is equally important to ensure that the quality and features of the plush toy justify the price.

Reading customer reviews can provide valuable insights into the overall satisfaction and durability of the Sully plush toy.

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